Executive Vice President

It all began with Sex and the City—the show that first introduced us to Manolo Blahniks, cosmopolitans, and most importantly, PR powerhouse Samantha Jones. It took only one episode for Jessica to realize her calling; she was going to become a PR executive too. Truthfully, it goes back even further than that (to fifth grade, to be exact) when Jessica began honing her project management skills, mastering the art of delegation and crafting superb status reports. Clearly destined for a career in PR, Jessica headed off to college at the University of Miami (the U), majored in public relations, and spent several years interning at a small lifestyle PR firm in Coral Gables. Upon moving home to Boston in 2005, there was no question that she wanted to continue working in PR. She interviewed for an account executive position at Aria and was hired on the spot (who says there is no such thing as love at first sight?).

Over the past two decades, it’s been Jessica’s mission to make Aria the type of place where people look forward to coming to work every day, and the type of company that businesses want to partner with long-term. She has come up through the ranks, from AE, to SAE, to becoming the company’s first ever director. Now, as a senior member of Aria’s leadership team and partner of the business, Jessica is responsible for all aspects of client service, account management and business operations. Perhaps most importantly, she is the company’s (un)official travel consultant, specializing in hotel and restaurant selection and overall itinerary development.