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4 Reasons to Choose Aria
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We Speak Healthcare

We do PR and marketing for companies that sell products and services to healthcare providers, payers, patients and businesses. That’s all we do. But, what does that mean for you?

  • We understand your market, we know who your competitors are and we speak your language.
  • We write press releases and case studies that make sense to your prospects and product managers and stakeholders.
  • We know which events you should speak at and how to get accepted to speak at them.
  • We already work with the media, analysts and influencers that care about what you do.

In short, as a healthcare-only PR firm, we are already up to speed on all of the major industry issues and trends and pain points, and are therefore ready to get to work and get you results— fast.

We are All About the Big Ideas

In healthcare communications, those who can get the best ideas out into the market first win. We know the industry well enough to bring you the ideas and approaches that tie your innovations into the hot topics in the industry. Cutting through the noise and clearly communicating your key messages and differentiators to the market is what true thought leadership is all about, and it is one of our core strengths as an agency.

We do not play games with our clients

A lot of people are wary of PR firms. Maybe they have been over-billed or maybe the agency they worked with pulled a 'bait-and-switch' on them, promising them one team, and then providing them with another. That's not Aria. We do not nickel and dime our clients or shuffle account teams every six months. We know healthcare and we know how to treat our clients, and their clients, with professionalism and respect.

Keeping clients happy is our top priority

Retaining clients is the key to getting great results, great referrals and maximum efficiency, so we work very hard to keep our clients happy, accommodate their needs and build trust. To do this, we understand that we need to establish more than just a client-vendor relationship. We actually become friends with our clients by earning their trust and helping to make their lives just a little bit easier. That may sound a little bit unconventional… but that's what the long-term, high-value relationships we have built with our clients are: friendships.