Senior Vice President

Healthcare is in Ross' blood. Raised in a family of doctors and dentists, he has always worked in and around medicine. In fact, assuming he would become a doctor, he pursued the premed track in college and spent his summers assisting in the Tufts University Infectious Diseases lab. Then, one day, Ross thought: "Why become a doctor when I could become a PR exec!?! That's what the world needs, more PR guys!" So, that's what he did. Over the past 20 years, he's cultivated a pretty impressive resume of in-house and agency work. But, he's always remained focused on healthcare. Beginning his career in marketing and public affairs at Boston's Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital, he went on to build a PR program from scratch at Quantia, and subsequently oversaw PR for's consumer and B2B units in the US and Canada.

Now, Ross is back at Aria. (Full disclosure: Ross worked at Aria in the early 2000's, but decided to leave for a bit, spread his wings, try new things, etc. In that time he learned a lot and grew as a PR professional, but he also realized that he truly missed Aria and that it was where he belonged.) He is thrilled to be back, working with an amazing team and for inspiring clients.

Ross received his BA in Psychology from Tufts University and his sick dance skills from the man upstairs.