September 7, 2017

By Serena Bronda

This summer is flying by!  But, before we say so long to summer and trade in our cold brews for pumpkin spice lattes, we wanted to share some of the biggest wins we scored for our clients in August.

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June 24, 2019

Aria Marketing, a leading healthcare public relations and marketing communications agency, is pleased to announce that it has been selected as the agency of record for AVIA, the nation’s leading network of healthcare organizations committed to transforming care through digital innovation.

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April 10, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to spread at an alarming speed, health systems are facing a wide range of challenges—ranging from operating over their capacity, to a lack of personal protective equipment. To address these issues, the healthcare industry is working tirelessly to innovate at a rapid speed and provide solutions for these problems. One benefit of our exclusive focus on healthcare is that Aria really has a front row seat to some of the innovations and leadership coming from our clients to help the industry tackle this disease.

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June 20, 2017

There is a plethora of social media platforms to choose from nowadays, but it can be difficult to determine which to leverage for your business. When it comes to healthcare IT, matching the social platform with the business goal you are trying to achieve (e.g. attracting customers, prospects and employees) is key. In this post we will review three newer social media applications and explain which marketing goals each can help you achieve.

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August 8, 2019

This month, Aria was selected as a finalist for BostInno’s Coolest Companies award. In celebration, our team attended BostonFest for a fun summer evening of drinking beer and rosé, playing lawn games, amassing free merch, and eating delicious, gooey food from food trucks.

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June 17, 2021

Are you a recent grad looking for a career in public relations? If so, you’re in the right place! Aria Marketing is located just outside of Boston, a city overflowing with universities (and therefore, a lot of new grads). Over the years, our team has perfected the art of what to look for when hiring a candidate right out of school. I spoke with Aria’s leadership team (EVP Jessica Cohen and SVP Ross Homer) to see what they look for/value in a candidate. Read on to find out!

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August 1, 2017

Meet the newest member of the Aria team, Account Coordinator, Serena Bronda. In getting to know Serena, we’ve learned that she has lived in some amazing places. So, I thought this blog post would be a great excuse to find out a bit more about her experiences around the world.

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July 6, 2015

By Chanel Benoit

The sun is shining and Summer Fridays are in full effect, but that doesn’t mean our PR machine has slowed down. We’ve kept plenty busy over the last few weeks, lining up media interviews and securing feature coverage for our clients in top-tier healthcare trades and business pubs. With four clients in tow, we also made a splash at the biggest healthcare finance tradeshow of the year, HFMA ANI! Here’s to our first Aria Client Catch-Up!

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July 14, 2016

By Danielle Johns

Summer is in full swing here at Aria! Our team got to kick off the summer in style in Las Vegas at HFMA ANI (check out our full recap) and we are all enjoying the start of our Summer Fridays. As we soak up the sun, we’re reflecting on the accomplishments of our clients from the past month. If you’re lounging by the pool, why not check out a few of our highlights:

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October 30, 2020

Though the healthcare industry is typically slower than others to modernize, most healthcare IT companies have taken the leap and fully embraced the power of social media. At Aria Marketing, we manage social media accounts for many of our clients, including precision medicine company 2bPrecise. More recently, spurred on by the pandemic, we’ve delved into some paid social media campaigns in an effort to better target an audience and drive engagement.


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December 3, 2020

One of the great things about Aria Marketing is that we get to work with so many technology companies doing amazing things for patients, providers, and the healthcare system in general. One such client is eVideon, a Michigan-based company providing hospitals with interactive patient engagement and digital workflow solutions.

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January 28, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the public relations field, and that’s particularly true for Aria as a healthcare PR agency. The news cycle is moving at an extraordinary pace, lending us even more opportunities to connect our clients’ services, solutions, and expertise to current events. Our client IntelyCare is just one example of a company proving vital to the complex pandemic response efforts.

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May 21, 2021

As a healthcare public relations agency, Aria has closely observed the pandemic’s impact on the healthcare industry and the swift response from health IT organizations. Many of our clients have done PR around COVID-19, including a recent example with our client Kyruus, which offers provider search and scheduling solutions for healthcare organizations.

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April 16, 2021

Interoperability has been a priority and pain point in the healthcare IT space for years, but when ONC started enforcing the long-awaited information-blocking rule in early April 2021, it became mission critical for the industry – and for Aria client Life Image.

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September 20, 2021

It is no question how much COVID-19 has reminded us just how important life sciences and drug creation can be. Moreover, the companies developing these life changing drugs need the support and technology to perform impactfully. 


Our client, Sensyne Health, is always innovating in the world of healthcare IT and medical research. Known as the ethical AI company, Sensyne gathers, curates and analyses clinical data, primarily de-identified patient records, to develop insights for drug creators and health systems in order to improve patient care and accelerate medical research.


Recently, Sensyne launched its new patient data analytics platform, SENSIGHT, which democratizes key aspects of life sciences research by providing access to a massive data set across a range of different disease areas. One of our first approaches to this launch included identifying the parts of SENSIGHT that would be most interesting to Sensyne’s target audiences. We wanted to share the ways the database will elevate access to de-identified data insights for clinicians and drugmakers, helping them to make drugs to benefit people like you and me. Below are the components of SENSIGHT we felt would be attractive for Sensyne’s key stakeholders.



  • As the ethical AI company, Sensyne understands and has pioneered the necessity of patient data privacy.
  • That is why SENSIGHT is built on a rapidly growing de-identified patient data set created from research partnerships.


Growing Dataset

  • The platform has launched with access to a 2M de-identified data set and is expected to grow to 10M by the end of the year.
  • It is not just quantity that is increasing, but the types of disease areas that will be added throughout the year within the platform.



  • Subscribers can communicate with each other using the service, which provides the space for a virtual scientific research network.
  • This network of healthcare professionals will create a community and make way for further development and innovation.


By including these messages in our pitch, we displayed how SENSIGHT can provide the insights to support the development for life-changing drug discovery, and the media seemed to agree. We were able to secure a stream of coverage in key publications like FierceBiotech and PharmaVoice.


If you or your company are interested in elevating your brand through PR, you can reach out to Scott Collins at and we can talk about how our team can help you. You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on everything Aria.

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September 21, 2017

Throughout the year, Aria Marketing participates in a variety of charity events to give back to the local community and spread awareness of important causes. Often, we try to find organizations that align in some way with our PR agency’s focus on healthcare. Our most recent charity involvement has been with The Jimmy Fund, a non-profit organization that raises funds to support research and technology for Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Aria made it our mission to raise at least $3,500 as a team and walk the Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund 10K on September 24th. To date, we have surpassed our goal and kept the momentum going. Getting there wasn’t easy, but there were a few successful tactics we employed which we thought we’d share to help inspire other companies in their fundraising efforts.

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March 26, 2021

There are many opportunities in healthcare journalism for thought leaders to contribute content. Healthcare reporters are continuously soliciting bylined articles from healthcare industry thought leaders and experts to keep up with the content demand of digital media. As a healthcare focused public relations agency our goal is to amplify our client’s thought leadership platform and we see the byline article as one of the greatest ways to do so as they enable experts to directly communicate their insights and expertise in their own words to their desired audience. In general, contributed content – like a bylined article – is an excellent way for the client to control their message and eliminates opportunities for outside biases and perspectives. That said, publications and editors often have very specific criteria and sometimes unspoken expectations that contributed content must adhere to. Below we’ve shared the top three best practices to consider when drafting a byline or any other kind of contributed content.

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December 4, 2018

Welcome to Corner Office – a new series on The Pitch featuring a Q&A with our President Scott Collins. For our inaugural column, we sat down with Scott to talk about healthcare trends that will capture the media’s attention in 2019.

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February 14, 2019

Welcome to the Corner Office, our Q&A series with Aria President, Scott Collins. This year, Aria is celebrating its 20th anniversary, so we sat down to get Scott’s take on the last two decades of Aria Marketing, healthcare, and public relations.

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May 27, 2020

Like many others, we at Aria Marketing have been teleworking since COVID-19 hit Massachusetts in early March. While this has certainly taken some getting used to, we are amongst the lucky ones as working from home as a B2B PR professional is pretty easy to do—all we need are our laptops, phones, and some space to get our creative PR juices flowing. And, while there are certainly challenges to this set-up (homeschool being the biggie for me!), there is one silver lining: more time for cooking!


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