June 20, 2017

There is a plethora of social media platforms to choose from nowadays, but it can be difficult to determine which to leverage for your business. When it comes to healthcare IT, matching the social platform with the business goal you are trying to achieve (e.g. attracting customers, prospects and employees) is key. In this post we will review three newer social media applications and explain which marketing goals each can help you achieve.


Social App


Let’s start with the biggest trend since Facebook, which is Instagram. This photo sharing app is a great social tool that can give followers an “inside look” at your company culture. For example, Aria will share announcements about new hires and promotions as well as more fun posts about employee birthdays and our favorite, #SummerFridays, which gets both staff and prospective employees excited about working at Aria. Marketing your business, following the right organizations and people, along with tactful hashtag use will maximize this social platform.


Creative App


Pinterest is another social media app that has become very popular with those in creative fields and anyone who loves perusing exotic locations or food recipes! Pinterest should be viewed as an internal company tool rather than a sales tool as it can be used to support internal marketing projects. For example, Aria created a Pinterest board when we were building our new office space as a way to share ideas for the new look and feel of the office. This platform promotes collaborative brainstorming for more visual projects, whether that be designing a new office space, website, or even launching a new company newsletter.


Interactive App


Snapchat is another popular social media platform that gives your audience an interactive view. The difference between Snapchat and some of these other social media picture and video sharing platforms is that the videos and pictures posted will only appear to the viewer for 10 seconds – and then they disappear. This type of application is popular among younger demographics, but has recently become more valuable for startup companies looking to target a specific audience segment by giving them behind the scenes snaps of events or even sneak-peeks of product demos, etc.


These applications are meant to engage your existing audience and cultivate new audiences for your business. The biggest takeaway is that all of these social media apps can support marketing initiatives and build brand awareness if they are implemented as part of an integrated marketing program. Before you consider launching a profile on any of these apps, make sure you match up both your target audience and your marketing goal with the app that will best address that objective.


If you need help getting your social media strategy off the ground or taking your existing social media program to the next level, Aria can help. Send us an email to learn more about the social media services we offer at info@ariamarketing.com.

Blog post written by:
Norissa Morse
Author: Norissa Morse
Account Coordinator