The entire world is experiencing the effects of the coronavirus pandemic as it is impacting every facet of our lives from our jobs, to the way we shop for groceries, to social engagements and more. In particular, the content of the news has changed with the majority of information now being shared through the lens of COVID-19. As a healthcare PR agency, Aria is uniquely positioned to support our healthcare clients (who provide services across the industry) during this period of uncertainty.


Strategic PR campaigns can help shape the public perception of a business, yielding ROI at a time when businesses cannot rely on the full array of marketing channels they have in the past. For example, trade shows and industry events that are typically a great opportunity to showcase company messages, news and thought leadership, are being cancelled for the foreseeable future as are all other public speaking opportunities and networking events. Leveraging earned media in place of these other opportunities is now more important than ever to reach customers and potential prospects. More specifically, here are four ways your PR agency can support you during the COVID-19 crisis:


1. Businesses are facing the new challenge of how to appropriately toe the line between being understanding and sympathetic while also being clear and setting realistic expectations. A strong PR partner can act as a third party sounding board, helping your business determine what to say and how to say it.

2. Many consumers/customers are expecting companies to provide clarity as to how they are approaching business amid the COVID-19 crisis. Given the sensitivity surrounding this issue, PR experts can be a valuable resource in determining the appropriate messaging and strategic timeline for communicating this information.

3. With many of the traditional avenues to sharing company news and attracting prospective clients being cancelled or postponed, the best way to make the most of the situation is by implementing a media strategy that repurposes the existing materials and messaging. Whether it’s through securing interviews, bylined articles, or coordinating virtual panels, there are many ways PR can result in alternative opportunities to promote and share company news, innovations, and product updates.    

4. PR experts have an intimate understanding of the news cycle, so businesses that hope to gain visibility in the market should seriously consider leveraging that understanding. With the right approach companies (many of which have existing or upcoming product/solution offerings that can provide support and relief for organizations experiencing significant COVID-19 burden) can reach their intended audience by strategically by capitalizing on the news in a way that is sincere and valuable.


Given the unlikelihood that the world as we know it will return to “normal” anytime soon, having PR expertise at your disposal will undoubtedly be an invaluable resource in ensuring continued market visibility and brand awareness. Earned media will allow businesses to continue communicating with the market and attracting new customers.


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Blog post written by:
Catherine McGeady
Author: Catherine McGeady
Senior Account Executive