August 1, 2017

Meet the newest member of the Aria team, Account Coordinator, Serena Bronda. In getting to know Serena, we’ve learned that she has lived in some amazing places. So, I thought this blog post would be a great excuse to find out a bit more about her experiences around the world.


Italy: Where Serena was born! Serena received her bachelor’s degree in modern literature at the University of Genoa, in the north-west side of the country. Her family and closest friends are still in Italy, and she tries to get back home at least once a year to see them. Serena’s favorite thing about Italy is the people. She says that everyone has a great heart and they are open, friendly, warm and funny! Serena says the food is amazing as well as the cultural and artistic heritage.


New Zealand: After graduation, Serena decided to pack up and move to NZ to start a career in PR/journalism. She lived there for almost a year in Auckland where she interned for Business Unlimited Magazine and Life and Leisure NZ. She says it was such a great experience and she had the chance to travel all around the country, visiting amazing sites that served as the backdrop for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.


England: From New Zealand, Serena briefly returned to Italy to work for a national Italian newspaper and radio station. But, she couldn’t quench her desire to travel, so she applied to City London University for a master’s program in international journalism. She studied in London for almost 2 years, and then worked as a PR executive for Archant Media, a London-based publisher covering local art/lifestyle/entertainment news.  


United States: After London, Serena decided to relocate here to the Boston area to be with her boyfriend (now husband) who was beginning a fellowship program at Tufts Dental School. Serena applied and was accepted into a master’s program, at Boston University. “I loved BU,” says Serena, - (a sentiment shared by others at Aria). Serena says Boston has a great quality of life and she appreciates the beauty of the Charles River and Back Bay skyline. Serena also likes that it’s easy to get out of the city and get lost in the green (Serena is an avid hiker). Finally, she appreciates how the people here are driven and pushed to believe in their dreams.


Serena’s motto is “be kind and have courage, because if you believe in yourself there’s nothing you cannot achieve!” Do you believe you have what it takes (to join our team)? We are currently looking for a seasoned Account Executive. -Interested? Send a cover letter and resume to Jessica Cohen at or apply online here:


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Kelsey Pearse
Author: Kelsey Pearse
Account Executive