May 21, 2021

As a healthcare public relations agency, Aria has closely observed the pandemic’s impact on the healthcare industry and the swift response from health IT organizations. Many of our clients have done PR around COVID-19, including a recent example with our client Kyruus, which offers provider search and scheduling solutions for healthcare organizations.


Kyruus recently conducted a consumer survey to provide context into the industry’s transformation and published the findings in the Patient Access Preferences Report. This research examined how people accessed and experienced care during the pandemic as well as their care preferences moving forward.


Here are just a few notable findings:

  • Seventy-one percent of respondents who obtained virtual care during the pandemic did so for the first time ever
  • Over 40% of people indicated a preference for accessing routine and/or mental healthcare entirely virtually or through a combination of virtual and in-person visits
  • Whether or not respondents had already scheduled a vaccine appointment, nearly 60% said they would prefer to book online


From this study, it’s clear that patient preferences have shifted over the past year or so. And, many changes borne out of necessity during the peak of the pandemic may remain the norm as we look ahead.


Knowing that the media love hard data, Aria developed a comprehensive PR strategy around Kyruus’ research. We drafted a press release that included the newsiest results to help encourage downloads (and coverage) of the report. We also made sure to include findings that point to an increased need and demand for Kyruus’ solutions—a great example of how PR and marketing can work hand in hand.


Aria built out an embargo pitch strategy in order to secure coverage published on the same day Kyruus pushed the report live on its website. We also conducted a new round of targeted pitching once we distributed the press release, sharing some of the most interesting results with reporters to garner more ink on the report.


As a result, Aria secured several pieces of coverage for Kyruus in reputable, well-read healthcare trade publications including MedCity News, Healthcare IT News, and Healthcare Innovation. To see how patient preferences have changed since the pandemic, you can download the full Patient Access Preferences Report at


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Blog post written by:
Lindsey Honig
Author: Lindsey Honig
Senior Account Executive