June 17, 2021

Are you a recent grad looking for a career in public relations? If so, you’re in the right place! Aria Marketing is located just outside of Boston, a city overflowing with universities (and therefore, a lot of new grads). Over the years, our team has perfected the art of what to look for when hiring a candidate right out of school. I spoke with Aria’s leadership team (EVP Jessica Cohen and SVP Ross Homer) to see what they look for/value in a candidate. Read on to find out!


What agencies look for:


Before the interview

  • Error-free resume that does not exceed 1 page (Spell check is your friend, but doesn’t always catch everything. Print out your resume to catch any small mistakes).
  • Related major or minor (marketing, communications, PR, etc.).
    • For Aria, a background in healthcare is a plus, but not necessary.
  • Relevant real-world experience (e.g. internships or a program like the student-run Boston University PR lab).

During the interview

  • Ability to interview well/interpersonal skills (Pro-tip: practice makes perfect! Do a practice interview with a family member or friend. You should take advantage of mock interviews at school when available).
  • Someone who “does their homework” prior to the interview. Know about the company, the role and who is interviewing you.
  • Organizational skills. This is a key part of any job, but particularly in a PR agency where you will be on 2-3 (sometimes more) client accounts at one time. Share some examples of how you stay organized.

After the interview

  • Thank-you email post-interview (Bonus points if you tailor the note to what was discussed and what you are excited about in regards to the role).
  • Mastery of the foundational elements of good writing (Some agencies, like Aria, require a writing test after you ace the verbal interview).
  • Strong references from someone who taught or managed you in a previous role.


One of the most important overall qualities Aria’s leadership team is looking for in a candidate throughout the interview process is someone who is naturally curious and a lifetime learner. When it comes to PR, you never stop needing (and wanting) to read, study and learn! This is especially true in the healthcare industry, where innovations are a daily occurrence.


If you are reading this and feeling like you check most of these boxes, send your resume and a cover letter to careers@ariamarketing.com because we are currently hiring! Aria is looking for talented Account Coordinators and Senior Account Executives to join our growing team.

Blog post written by:
Kara McCrudden
Author: Kara McCrudden
Account Director