September 18, 2015


Brittney Darner joined the Aria team as an account executive (this past July. In just a couple of months, we’ve gotten to know her a whole lot better and want to share some of her interests, hobbies and quirky characteristics – some of which may surprise you for a 22-year old PR newbie. Here’s our list of top ten fun facts about Brittney:


  • Brittney is a dog lover and a huge proponent of rescuing. A testament to her ‘adopt, don’t shop’ attitude is her full-bred Husky, Luna, who she rescued six months ago in Florida (where she grew up).
  • Brittney power lifts and is a dedicated Crossfitter. She is all about “girl power” and an advocate for the ‘strong, not skinny’ mantra. She’s been hitting the gym regularly for over two years now (and she has the biceps to prove it)!
  • Brittney is a novice photographer and has taken a few photography classes over the years. Shooting for fashion brands is her favorite kind of project. She’s worked with a few different brands in the past, including PuraVida Bracelets and 1Face Watches.
  • Brittney graduated from a tiny (I mean, tiny!) high school in Jacksonville, Florida. She was one of only eleven students in her graduating class in 2011.
  • As a Jacksonville native, Brittney is a true outdoors-woman. She grew up lobster diving and fishing with her family (and plans to go fishing during her next trip home).
  • Brittney is an early-bird, up before 7 AM every day (even on the weekends)!
  • Brittney is a “potter-head,” Harry Potter that is. Hence her dog’s name, which is a nod to Luna Lovegood, a character from the story. She’s also been to Harry Potter Land more times than she can count.
  • Brittney’s best friend, Lauren, lives in Leeds, England. Brittney met her while studying abroad and they’ve been two-peas-in-a-pod since. They have a pact to see each other at least once a year.
  • As if she has room for more hobbies, Brittney is also an amateur carpenter. She recently moved to into a new apartment in Somerville, MA, and has spent a bunch of time on DIY projects like building a desk and headboard.
  • Finally, Brittney came to Aria through Erin, another AE here. Erin met her just three days after moving to Boston and thought she’d be the perfect fit. Talk about fate!
  • If you’re interested in learning more about Brittney, feel free to tweet her at @BrittneyDarner. For info, fast facts and background on other members of the Aria team, check back often for more profiles like these.
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Chanel Benoit
Author: Chanel Benoit
Account Director