October 20, 2015

Meet our newest account executive, Taylor VerMeer.  We thought a fun way to get to know Taylor a little bit better would be to borrow a page from US Weekly and take a look inside Taylor’s bag—sometimes the items people carry reveal a lot about them! So, let’s see what Taylor has on hand today:


  1. The novel Mrs. Kennedy and Me: Taylor explains, “Jackie O is such a fashion icon and embodiment of class, so I embrace any opportunity to learn more about her life. I would highly recommend this book, written by Clint Hill, the security guard assigned to her during her husband’s presidency.”
  2. “I carry around a card with the website and login info for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. My boyfriend and I have been trying to see a live show since last December, and have yet to get tickets through their lottery system. On the first Tuesday of every month, I have to go online and log into the Jimmy Fallon website at exactly 11:30 am to sign up for the Fallon lottery. It has been almost a year and I haven’t been selected yet, but I am going to keep trying!”
  3. Taylor always carries a (clean!) pair of barre socks with her, so that she is prepared in case she wants to drop into a barre class right after work.
  4. “I make sure I always have a piece of Dove Dark Chocolate handy. Sometimes you just need a little bite to get you through the day... it’s devastating to run out.”
  5. “I literally have 20 Caribou Coffee gift cards in my bag—when I went to college at Iowa State, I got a lot of them as gifts since there was a coffee shop on campus. They aren’t so useful now that I live in Boston, but I keep them on hand so that when I travel I can scout them out in airports. I actually just went to one while visiting friends in Denver!”
  6. “I always have an extra pair of contact lenses with me, no matter what. With the dry winter air coming, my lenses have a tendency to pop out, and I have a fear of being away from home and losing a lens without a backup handy. I would not be able to see!”
  7. “I always carry my giraffe keychain that my best friend got me when she studied abroad in South Africa—giraffes are my favorite animal and it’s sweet to remember she was thinking of me when she was so far away.”
  8. “Another staple in my bag is my University of Alabama water bottle. I love watching college football, andalways root for ‘Bama as I have lots of (crazy) family from there (roll tide!)”
  9. Taylor admitted that she always has at least one Alex & Ani bracelet at the bottom of her bag. She explained that ever since moving to the Northeast she collected quite a few, and between changing for a workout or mixing up her accessories, they find their way to the bottom of her tote.
  10. And, last but not least… Taylor shared that she gets really bad motion sickness (which I can certainly relate to!). She said, “I have to always have ginger gum and a pair of sea bands handy, just in case I have a wild Uber driver or forget to pack them for a flight!”

    So, there you have it: Taylor in a nutshell (or, in a purse)! If you’re interested in learning more about Taylor, feel free to find her on twitter or Instagram at @tayvermeer. For more insider info on other members of the Aria team, check back often! Next month, we will profile our new account director, Kristina. 
Blog post written by:
Jessica Cohen
Author: Jessica Cohen
Executive Vice President