November 19, 2015

Every year we can find reasons to be thankful. Whether it’s for our health, our friends, and our family – or just for a great place to work – there’s always a reason to take a step back and appreciate what life has to offer.

In light of Thanksgiving’s pending arrival, and in the spirit of thankfulness, the team at Aria Marketing gave some thought as to what we’re most grateful for in 2015.


Take a moment to learn a little more about us and what makes our team say “thank you.”


“I’m thankful for my four sisters—I simply can’t imagine life without them!” – Erin Nordloh, Account Executive


 “I’m exceptionally thankful for my alma mater, Bentley University. The school’s campus is definitely a place that will stick with me forever, because it is where I have met some of my best friends, and it reminds me that I have the power to make a difference in my community.”– Olga Frech, Account Executive


“This may sound typical, but I’m truly thankful for my family and loved ones.” – Alyssa Brangi, Account Executive


“I am thankful for a successful move to a new city (Boston) and for all the new friendships I’ve made during my few short months here. It is because of my friends and family and their support that this change has been manageable and exciting.” —Brittney Darner, Account Executive


“I’m most thankful for Wednesday nights.  Every week, my best friend and I make each other home-made dinners. We alternate weeks cooking for one another, which gives us a chance to catch up on life, try new recipes and indulge in a good bottle of wine!”– Chanel Benoit, Senior Account Executive


“In addition to my family and friends, this year I’ve been especially thankful for opportunities to get outside and explore nature. I gained a new hiking buddy—a German Shepard puppy—who loves traveling with me to various beaches, forests and mountains.”— Katie Schur, Senior Account Executive


“I’m most thankful for my son, Elias, who was just was born this past May. Being a parent has made me view life in a whole new way, and it’s quite a gift!” —Kristina Markos, Account Director


“I’m thankful that my youngest child turned one in 2015, which means our house is now officially baby-free and my wife and I are on the path to getting more sleep!”— Ross Homer, Vice President


“I’m most thankful for my biggest news this year. I’m happy to announce that we have a baby on the way! The Aria family will get a little bit bigger come May!”— Jessica Cohen, Executive Vice President


“I’m most grateful for the tremendous year Aria Marketing has had. We’ve expanded our team and our clients have continued to grow and evolve while relying on us to provide expertise that helps support their goals. I truly can’t wait to see what 2016 holds as 2015 will be hard to beat!”— Scott Collins, President


“I’m always thankful for my family’s support, especially since I just moved to a new apartment! I could not have made the move without their help, and even though I am only an hour away, it feels like a big move.”-—Krysta Ferry, Intern


As you can see, it has been quite an exciting year for the team. But, this list certainly wouldn’t be complete without mentioning how we appreciate where we work. We’re exceptionally thankful for a work environment that is challenging, fun, balanced and that pushes us to be better marketers and public relations professionals.  As we continue to serve our amazing clients, we’re thankful for all our vendors, partners and friends in the media who contribute to our collective success.


What are you most thankful for? Let us know @AriaMarketing 

Blog post written by:
Kristina Markos
Author: Kristina Markos
Account Director