April 29, 2021

Working in the healthcare PR industry, it is our job here at Aria Marketing to keep up with the latest industry news, including regulatory changes, new trends, major company announcements, and much more. E-newsletters are a great way to keep our fingers on the pulse of the news cycle as they summarize the top stories of the day and package them up in an easy-to-consume format. However, with hundreds of healthcare e-newsletters to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start or which ones have the most value. To save your inbox, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite e-newsletters to keep you informed on the latest industry news.


Axios Vitals

Axios Vitals is Axios’ healthcare-focused e-newsletter, written by healthcare reporter Caitlin Owens. The e-newsletter features a variety of politics, policy, and business news, and also highlights the word count and estimated read time at the top for easy reference. You can subscribe to this e-newsletter here.


STAT Morning Rounds

The STAT Morning Rounds e-newsletter features three-sentence summaries of the day’s top health and medicine stories, so you can start your morning updated with the latest news. STAT has a variety of great newsletters to choose from (another Aria favorite is the health tech e-newsletter). You can sign up for those here



POLITICO Pulse is a free version of the POLITICO Pro Health Care's morning newsletter. It delivers the latest healthcare policy news with bullets on the most important stories at the top of the e-newsletter. It also features a roundup of hot industry articles currently being read by the POLITICO staff. You can subscribe to this e-newsletter here.


Modern Healthcare A.M.

Modern Healthcare A.M. provides in-depth coverage of healthcare news and trends, while of course providing links back to the full articles on the Modern Healthcare website. The Modern Healthcare Alert e-newsletter is another great one to sign up for as it will email you directly as breaking healthcare business news unfolds. You can subscribe to the Modern Healthcare e-newsletters here.



FierceHealthcare is a top-tier healthcare publication and its daily e-newsletter features the latest news in healthcare, business, technology, and policy. Additionally, FierceHealthcare IT, its technology-focused sister publication, is another Aria favorite since most of our clients work in the healthcare technology space. You can subscribe to the FierceHealthcare e-newsletters here.


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Kahler Buckley
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