September 13, 2022

One of the benefits of being a fully remote PR agency is that we can hire the best public relations executives from across the country rather than being constrained by one physical location. Aria’s latest addition to the team, account coordinator Jordan Needs, has the distinction of being our first team member residing in Utah! I was lucky enough to chat with Jordan to learn more about him and the journey that led him to Aria Marketing. Read on to find out more! 

Marni: Hi Jordan! So happy to finally get to know a bit more about you. I know you are based in Utah now; is that where you grew up?


Jordan: No. Actually, I was a military brat growing up, so we were always moving from one overseas deployment to the next. Cote d’Ivoire and Turkey were our first two postings, then to Southeast Asia for tours in Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand. So, obviously being raised as a third-culture kid is a big part of who I am.


Marni: Wow, that’s fascinating! How do you think that experience changed your worldview overall?


Jordan: Growing up I was the only Caucasian student at many of my schools. I didn't learn the recorder, I learned Gamelan and Taiko. Lunch was onigiri, not PB&J's. I just learned to be open to new things, and I got good at making friends quickly because I didn't really have a choice.


Marni: Those are great qualities to develop, especially at such a young age. Did you study overseas for college as well?


Jordan: No, I went to a small college in Utah called Utah Valley University, which is exactly as glamorous as it sounds.


Marni: Ha-ha, I see; what made you choose the PR route?


Jordan: I love working with other PR professionals that are so good at what they do! My first couple of jobs out of college were in-house, and I was the only PR specialist. No one knew what I did (even me sometimes), so being able to learn from the other PR professionals at Aria is seriously awesome.


Marni: That’s great to hear; we’re happy you are part of the team! Do you have a favorite aspect of working remotely?

Jordan: Business on the top, party on the bottom!


Marni: Isn’t that the truth! Switching gears, tell us a bit about yourself. What do you like to do in your free time? Favorite food? Season? TV Show?


Jordan: I’m still living in Utah, so being outdoors is usually a good option. Hiking, watersports, snowboarding in the winter. It’s got to be Japanese food! Nigiri sushi until I burst, please. Favorite season: spring. Favorite show: Seinfeld. Living overseas, we didn’t get normal programming, and Seinfeld was always a staple.


Marni: Great choices - I am a big George Costanza and sushi fan myself. Lastly, do you have any advice for younger professionals entering the workforce?


Jordan: Don’t be afraid to fail, because you probably will. You learn a lot from doing things for the first time, so pay attention and learn from your mistakes.


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Marni Illman
Author: Marni Illman
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