March 24, 2016

Meet our newest account executive, Danielle Johns. In just a couple of weeks, we’ve gotten to know Danielle a lot better, in part because of all of the interesting pictures and gadgets she keeps on her desk.


Intrigued by her desk decor, I sat down with Danielle to hear about what each item on her desk means to her:


  1. Ticket from Paul Revere’s House. Danielle really appreciates that Boston is a city rich in history and traditions. For Danielle, Paul Revere’s House is a continuous reminder of the city’s role in the American Revolution—a period of American history that she finds fascinating.
  2. Picture with Twin Sister outside a NYC Broadway Theater. Yes, Danielle has a twin sister. And, no, they don’t look like. (And, fun fact: Danielle is 5 inches taller). Danielle holds this picture with her sister close to heart as it captures the moment when they met actor, James Corden (think: carpool karaoke), after seeing him perform on the comedy play, “One Man, Two Guvnors.” Through this, I also learned that Danielle is a theater enthusiast and did musical theater growing up.
  3. Boston University Hockey Patch. Danielle is definitely the biggest BU Terriers fan I’ve met. A testament to this is the fact that she had three complete perfect seasons, meaning that she went to every single game, home and away, for three years in a row (over 100 games!) She has traveled to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, North Dakota, Michigan, Denver, Wisconsin, and more—all for BU hockey!
  4. Picture of Danielle’s Cat. Her four-and-a-half year old furball’s name is Fox, and she adopted her from the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) about 3 years ago. They’ve been inseparable ever since!
  5. Book Posters. Danielle is an avid reader and enjoys collecting tons of book posters! She pursued a Bachelor’s in English and Public Relations at Boston University to combine her love of reading with PR.
  6. Hobey Baker Pin. Danielle kept Jack Eichel’s Hobey Baker pin, an annual award given to the top National Collegiate Association men’s ice hockey player, award winner in 2015. She kept it as a reminder that BU had a great hockey season and made it to the championship game. The match was a big deal for her, and the rest of BU fans, as they lost only after the BU goalie accidentally dropped the puck and scored an “own goal.” On the bright side, Jack Eichel became the second freshman to ever win the Hobey Baker Award, so that was a big win for the BU Terriers!
  7. Stroopwafels Box. Danielle keeps a box of caramel-flavored stroopwafels on her desk to ensure the perfect daily morning pick-me-up, alongside her cup of coffee.  ‘Caramel’ is her go-to flavor for a lot of things, including coffee!
  8. Gold Polka-Dot Happy Planner™. Danielle is an “old school” planner. Despite having to keep up with meeting and deadline reminders on Outlook, she resorts to her good old fashioned paper planner to stay organized. She likes to handwrite her “to do’s” and other notes down, as she’s found that things stick better in her head that way!


If you’re interested in learning more about Danielle, feel free to tweet her @danijohns_bu. Or, who knows? You might see her at the next Boston University Terriers men’s hockey match!


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Blog post written by:
Olga Frech
Author: Olga Frech
Account Executive