March 31, 2016

At Aria, we have a great team of interns that help assist all our AEs on a wide range of tasks. Kirsten Stratton joined our team in January as part of her Northeastern University co-op program, and over the past few months, we’ve had a chance to learn a lot more about her. Here’s our list of top ten fun facts about Kirsten:


  • Kirsten’s favorite TV show is Scandal. Who knows, she might just be the next Olivia Pope as she is studying political science and communications at school.
  • Kirsten is an avid traveler. She’s been to Italy, Spain, Ireland, France and London. In fact, Kirsten will be hopping on a plane soon to visit London again!
  • Born and raised in Massachusetts, it’s not much of a surprise that Kirsten’s favorite sports teams are all Boston-based. Her favorite spot in Boston is Fenway Park and she considers herself a die-hard fan of the Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins.
  • The Town, the bank robbery heist movie set in Boston and starring Ben Affleck, is one of Kirsten’s favorite movies. She’s a huge fan of the Boston accent and loves seeing Boston locations depicted on the big screen.
  • Kirsten loves public relations because of its fast-paced nature. At Aria, Kirsten got a front-row seat to the excitement during HIMSSanity, and she loved every minute of it. She knows there is no way she’ll get bored as no two days are ever the same!  
  • When it comes to coffee, Kirsten has a bit of a sweet tooth. Her favorite coffee is an iced caramel macchiato, which is a combination of espresso and milk topped with caramel. Yum!
  • If Kirsten could live anywhere in the world, she would choose to live in LA. While LA has a very different culture from Boston, Kirsten knows she would have plenty of sights to see and never have a dull moment if she lived there.
  • When Kirsten was a baby, her picture was on a Wheaties box. Her grandmother won a contest and picked Kirsten to be featured on the cover of the iconic cereal box. Sadly, Kirsten wasn’t able to provide a picture for us.
  • Shopping on Newbury Street? Be sure to check out Kirsten’s favorite store, “No Rest for Bridget.” Kirsten loves their clothes as they don’t sacrifice comfort for cuteness!
  • If Kirsten weren’t interested in pursuing a career in PR, she’d like to be a wedding planner. Much like with PR, Kirsten loves the fast-paced nature and the event planning aspect that come along with the profession.


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Blog post written by:
Danielle Johns
Author: Danielle Johns
Account Director