April 11, 2016

A work anniversary program is just one of many great perks offered to employees at Aria. I recently celebrated three years at the agency, and was awarded the opportunity to handpick a conference I wanted to attend anywhere in the country, fully paid for by Aria. I selected the Professional Business Women of California annual conference in San Francisco, California. Committed to ‘changing the game’ and helping achieve equal access to opportunity for all, the conference provided insightful tips for carrying women over the executive finish line. From Venus Williams’ keynote, to interactive workshops and educational lectures, there was plenty to take away. However, there were three insights I found most inspiring to share with other women:


Feminine strengths are the new competitive edge. Wendy Wallbridge, founder of On Your Mark Corporate Coaching & Consulting, Inc., explained that many leadership programs are an attempt to socialize women into the traditional male-centric model of success. She detailed how this systematic disregard of women’s innate strengths is a missed opportunity, and emphasized that in today’s connected world, women’s inherently collaborative nature makes them desirable leaders.


Advocating for yourself is critical. Anne Mojcicki, CEO and co-founder of 23andMe, described her struggle to be taken seriously in a healthcare world dominated by (overwhelmingly male) MDs. She explained how she overcame her insecurities and doubts to build one of the world’s largest databases of individual genetic information. She stressed the importance of believing in what you’re capable of, and not being afraid to take charge or ask for what you want.


Internalizing success is key. This was a notion I heard over and over again throughout the conference. I learned that for women to sustain their drive and ambition they must recognize their wins and cultivate their own authentic style of leadership. Some practical ways offered to help women internalize success included keeping a kudos folder, and really celebrating earned victories.


I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The opportunity to connect with other professional women at different stages of their careers was invaluable, and I left feeling more empowered than ever to take my own career by the horns. Further, as women make up the majority of the Aria office (and PR in general), I’m looking forward to sharing my learnings with colleagues and empowering them too. Thanks to Aria for this amazing opportunity!


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Blog post written by:
Chanel Benoit
Author: Chanel Benoit
Account Director