November 22, 2016

I think we can all agree that 2016 has been one crazy ride, but Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to take a moment, step back and reflect on the past year. We thought we’d use this blog post as a chance to share what we at Aria are thankful for. We hope our words entertain and maybe even inspire you.

I am grateful for: 


 Great clients, great staff and a great office culture. I am also thankful for so many fascinating issues going on in healthcare right now.”

-Scott Collins, President


My perfect, healthy, and always insanely happy little girl (now 6 months), Penelope. I am also feeling very thankful to live in Massachusetts, a state that provides equal opportunities for, and protects the rights of, all of its residents – regardless of their sex, race, religion or sexual orientation.”

-Jessica Cohen, Executive Vice President


“The fact that 2016 is almost over.”

-Ross Homer, Vice President


My Aria family, and four years of very rewarding agency work. The opportunities I’ve had to travel to places like Las Vegas, Chicago and Austin stand out as experiences that exceeded my expectations.”

-Chanel Benoit, Senior Account Executive


All the classic things: my faith, my family, my doggie, and an awesome group of co-workers. This year I’m incredibly thankful for the gift of friendship. I’ve had so many friends from the Midwest decide to move to the Boston area, so “Friendsgiving” was extra special this year.”  

-Katie Schur, Senior Account Executive


My nephew who was born this year! Little Jonah is such a light in my life, and his giggles and squirms can turn any day into a great day.”

 -Taylor Vermeer, Account Executive


A year full of new experiences. As a Florida native, I have truly appreciated every turning leaf and New England nuance. I have also been lucky enough to travel a good amount this year (thank you, Aria!), and explored gorgeous new places such as Venice, Rome, London, Washington DC, New Hampshire, Maine and New York City.”

-Brittney Darner, Account Executive


Hillary Clinton showing young girls what women can achieve if they set their minds to it.”

-Danielle Johns, Account Executive


The chance to have worked at Aria for the past 6 months. It has been my favorite internship thus far and I have learned so many valuable lessons here that I will take with me in my career.”

-Sara Groos, Intern


“My family and friends. My gratitude for these people is endless. They bring me such an overwhelming amount of joy. If I spent every second of every day saying thank you for all the smiles, laughter and love they have brought me, it would not be enough!”

-Krysta Ferry, Account Executive


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Krysta Ferry
Author: Krysta Ferry
Account Executive