December 20, 2016

Six months ago, Aria Marketing welcomed me with open arms as a new-to-the-industry intern to join their team of PR pro’s, and I have been grateful for that moment every day since. Coming in with little knowledge of healthcare IT, and limited PR experience, Aria Marketing showed me the ropes and introduced me to the ever-changing world of healthcare PR. 


Since the beginning, Aria Marketing treated me as one of their own, and has valued my eagerness in becoming a healthcare PR expert. The team immediately assigned me to client accounts and provided me with a hands-on experience that included researching, reporting, and even pitching the media. I have played a role in securing client coverage in major publications, managed the Aria social media pages, sat in on client calls – and more.


Thanks to Aria Marketing’s mentorship program, which gives interns a safe space to discuss and receive high-level feedback from Account Executives, I remained aware of my developing PR skills throughout my internship. Not only did I have the chance to build upon my experience in PR, but I have also been able to expand my knowledge of the US healthcare system. Aria Marketing’s tightly knit office culture allowed me to personally connect with Aria’s President, Scott, to learn about healthcare IT and the roles of Aria’s clients. Believe me when I say, there are few things more rewarding than understanding the meaning of complicated abbreviations like MIPS and MACRA.


Oh, and did I mention Aria Marketing has a real work-hard, play-hard mentality? From free snacks and coffee, to breakfast Wednesdays, birthday celebrations, monthly happy hours and food outings, I had the chance to form meaningful relationships with the Aria team that I hope will carry on beyond the office.


Overall, I am proud to say that I completed my entire internship without one single coffee run (yay!), and instead, had the chance to start down the path of becoming a healthcare PR pro. 


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Blog post written by:
Sara Groos
Author: Sara Groos