January 20, 2017

Celebrities are doing it, your kids are doing it, the media is doing it, and even the president is doing it! These days, it seems like everyone is communicating in 160 characters or less. But should your business be #tweeting? We get this question a lot from our healthcare IT clients, and the answer is “yes” – as long as you are tweeting strategically. Companies from every industry are now utilizing Twitter to increase brand awareness and connect with target audiences. Here are the top six reasons why we think your healthcare company should get a handle (Twitter handle that is) on the popular social media platform:

  1. Who doesn’t love FREE marketing? Marketing executives are always on the lookout for ways to beef up their company’s marketing program without breaking the bank. With Twitter, all it takes is little bit of brainpower and the click of a button, and your company’s key messages and value propositions can be communicated instantaneously to your followers.
  2. Share company news. Twitter gives businesses the opportunity to easily communicate news to a broad audience. The platform serves as a helpful tool for sharing your business’ latest articles and press releases, as well as a way to drive followers to sign up for your upcoming webinars and stop by your booth at events.
  3. Connect with influencers. In every industry, there are social media gurus that dedicate their time to engaging in meaningful dialogues with their networks. For example, in the healthcare IT space, we follow and connect regularly with social media influencers like Joe Lavelle (@Resultant) and John Lynn (@techguy). Building a relationship with influencers can drive Twitter users to your site, which can lead to a boost in followers, engagement and overall brand awareness.
  4. Easily keep an eye on your competition. Still not convinced that Twitter is the place for you? Your competitor’s presence on Twitter might just change your mind. Twitter makes it easy for you to keep a close watch on competitor news, interactions and mentions.
  5. Stay in the know. If you work in the cybersecurity industry and there is a major breach, you probably want to know about it, right? Chances are, the news broke first on Twitter. In today’s 24-hour news cycle, it is impossible to consume every article and media segment. With Twitter’s live, ongoing stream of news, users can quickly skim the headlines, and then take a deeper dive into the stories that are most impactful to them.
  6. Be a part of the conversation. Beyond catching up on the latest news, Twitter affords users a unique opportunity to showcase thought leadership and become a part of the industry conversation. For example, that major breach? Make sure your business’ expertise is reflected by sharing insights accompanied with news articles, case studies or the like (and don’t forget a hashtag!). 


Hopefully, you are thoroughly convinced and creating your new Twitter profile as we speak. Check back in with us for the next blog post in our social media series, where we discuss the pros and cons of Facebook for businesses. Need support building up your presence on social media? Learn how Aria can help your business by reaching out to info@ariamarketing.com

Blog post written by:
Brittney Darner
Author: Brittney Darner
Account Executive