March 20, 2017

Over the past few weeks at Aria Marketing, we’ve been fortunate enough to bring on three new members of the public relations team. And, we thought a fun way to welcome Account Executives Ashley Owen and Risha Tyagi, and Account Coordinator Norissa Morse, would be with an old-school ice-breaker: Two Truths and a Lie. Thankfully, they were up for the challenge. Check out their responses and see if you can guess which ones are the lies!



  • I have been on every continent except Antarctica
  • My grandfather was a professional hypnotist and a professional musician
  • I am allergic to cats, dogs and horses



  • I can sing songs in both Mandarin and Hindi
  • While traveling to Tokyo, Japan, I once ate a live snake
  • I have broken both my wrists



  • I have eaten deer
  • I won a fishing competition
  • I have never been to Canada


So, could you spot the lies? Tweet us at @AriaMarketing with your guesses, and in the meantime, join us in welcoming our new recruits!

Blog post written by:
Ross Homer
Author: Ross Homer
Senior Vice President