April 19, 2017

One of our core competencies as a public relations agency is developing and implementing social media strategies for our clients. At this point, most healthcare technology companies understand both the purpose and the value of a LinkedIn page, and are even starting to get the hang of this whole “Twitter thing.” However, even though Facebook is the largest social media platform, with over one billion active users, many businesses – especially in the B2B space – are not sure quite how to leverage this channel, or even if they should have a Facebook page in the first place. That’s where we come in!


The short answer is “yes,” your healthcare technology company should have a Facebook page. However, the content and purpose of your Facebook page will differ from that of your LinkedIn and Twitter. Think of the ‘division of labor’ this way: LinkedIn is a great platform for sharing thought leadership, engaging with customers, prospects and peers, and recruiting; Twitter is useful for disseminating news and engaging with influencers; and Facebook is a channel to promote your company’s culture, which in turn supports employee retention initiatives and recruitment efforts. As a B2B HIT company, you are probably not going to drive leads or engage with prospects or even interact with the media on Facebook, but I can guarantee you that prospective employees will check out your page before they submit their resume for consideration.


So, with this in mind, let’s talk about the type of content you should feature on your company’s Facebook page. The sky is the limit, so long as it supports the goal of showcasing your culture, but some ideas include: pictures from a company outing, or in-office birthday celebration; new hire announcements; reminders about office perks; fun facts about your employees; pictures of the office pet(s); announcements about a company fundraiser – you get the idea.


Do you have other suggestions for what healthcare companies should post on their Facebook pages? If so, tweet us @ariamarketing. Also, if you need help getting your social media strategy off the ground, or taking your existing strategy to the next level, maybe Aria can help. Send me an email at jcohen@ariamarketing.com  

Blog post written by:
Jessica Cohen
Author: Jessica Cohen
Executive Vice President