July 26, 2017

I started working at Aria Marketing just over a month ago, and one of the first things that impressed me about the company is that there are so many people who have become “Aria lifers” (Scott, Jessica, Ross, Nancy, Chanel and Katie). So, I set out to find out what keeps people at this PR agency. Is it the #BreakfastWednesdays (a habit hard to break, once you get used to it), the diversity that each one of Aria’s clients brings to the table, the continuously evolving and exciting field of healthcare, the energetic and passionate  team, or Aria’s monthly #HappyHour event? To get to the bottom of the “Aria lifer” trend, I decided to go right to the source(s). Here’s what they had to say:



You never know when a chance conversation is going to change the rest of your life.  When I agreed to talk to the founders of Aria -- way back in 2003 -- I was a high-tech PR guy with dot.com PTSD and no idea I even wanted a new job.  But, one thing led to another, and before I knew it I was on my way to becoming a healthcare PR veteran and an agency principal.  Its been an amazing journey and I am so proud of what we have built. This is the culture and the intellectual opportunity I have always craved in my career, and what an amazing group of your professionals to share it with! – Scott Collins, President.



I am sure I am saying exactly what everyone else here has, but the reason I am still at Aria – almost 12 years later- is because I get to work with people who have truly become my family every day. What is better than that? I look forward to coming into the office and working with a team that supports me, challenges me and perhaps most importantly– listens to me! Ha-ha. Also, we have summer Fridays, so there’s that…– Jessica Cohen, Executive Vice President.



The reasons have changed over the years, but, at this point in my career, I’d say it’s because I love the fact that I am working with partners whom I have known for over a decade to help guide the company’s growth and make it (in my humble opinion) the best little PR agency around, with the most amazing employees! – Ross Homer, Vice President.



I’ve always appreciated Aria’s commitment to work/life balance. I work a part-time schedule because I have responsibilities taking care of my mom and a disabled aunt.  As long as I get the work done, Scott is fine with my flexible hours.  This certainly breeds loyalty to Scott and the entire Aria team! – Nancy Callahan, Business Manager.



I started at Aria in 2012 as an intern and it’s amazing how much the agency has grown and evolved since then. It was really exciting to be part of that growth, and while sometimes it meant working long hours, my hard work was always recognized and rewarded. I think that genuine appreciation for what I bring to the table by management is what has kept me here so long. That, plus all the great food. – Chanel Benoit, Account Director.



I love working at Aria because of our close-knit office culture, work/life balance and because Aria has helped me grow professionally. Another thing that I love about Aria is our anniversary perks. For my third-year anniversary, Aria paid to have me attend a writing conference in Portland, OR. I had such a fun time exploring a new part of the country and also presented a lunch and learn to our team on what I had learned at the writers’ workshop. –       Katie Schur, Senior Account Executive.


From my still very short experience here, what I can say for sure is that the Aria’s team professionality, passion, and dedication to all of the clients we work with surely stand out and that such cooperative, friendly, and supportive environment is definitely something not easy to find in many other work places.


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Blog post written by:
Serena Bronda
Author: Serena Bronda
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