February 16, 2018

Meet the newest member of the Aria team, Senior Account Executive, Antonia Rutter. I was eager to learn more about Antonia, so I decided to ask some questions to get to know her better. In this blog, I’ll share some of what I learned:  


  • When asked, “What do you like the most about working in PR?” Antonia told me PR is great because every day is different and it keeps you on your toes. Particularly in an agency setting, your clients’ needs and interests are always evolving, and you’re always learning something new. I definitely agree with her!


  • What does Antonia like the most about the healthcare industry? She believes healthcare is such an important and vast industry that truly affects everyone, and being part of it can be very rewarding.


  • Antonia’s dream travel destination is Africa. She would love to go on a safari and see the beauty of the parks, beaches, and reserves, as well as experience wildlife in its natural habitat.


  • When asked if she has a secret talent that no one knows about, Antonia revealed she is surprisingly good at parallel parking, which she attributes to having a car in the city. Those of us who live here know that driving in Boston is especially challenging due to the narrow, winding streets and crazy traffic.


  • Antonia’s favorite book? Bossypants by Tina Fey; an autobiographical memoir that recounts the comedian’s childhood in a hilarious, yet touching way.


  • When asked what are the “most adventurous” things she has ever done, Antonia listed a few, including spending a summer in Brazil when she was younger, hiking the presidential traverse in the White Mountains (three times), and chartering a boat and sailing around the British Virgin Islands for a week (twice). Well, I certainly agree these experiences do sound adventurous enough!


We’re so excited to welcome Antonia to the team and to be working with her!


Good news, Aria is currently hiring! We are looking for an Account Executive to join our award-winning team with at least two years of B2B PR experience. To apply, please send your resume to: jcohen@ariamarketing.com.

Blog post written by:
Serena Bronda
Author: Serena Bronda
Communications Associate