March 1, 2018

Prior to my college graduation this past December, I had the opportunity to work as an intern at Aria Marketing for eight months. During that time, I was able to not only explore the world of healthcare PR, but also gain first-hand experience working in an active marketing agency. Communicating with reporters, drafting monthly reports, and tracking events/awards were a few of my daily tasks that allowed me to expand and enhance my skills learned in college. It was even more exciting to learn that, at the end of my internship, Aria wanted to offer me a full-time Account Coordinator position. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have a job waiting for you right after college.


I thought I’d share a few tips (and also some fun facts) I learned during my transition from an intern to a full-time employee.


Get out of that “college mode”

Part of the transition from college kid to employee is learning to embrace change. Many routines established in college (sleeping late, last-minute cram sessions, etc.) will need to change. A new position means new responsibilities and expectations. You are now accountable for more than your own success. As part of an agency, you are responsible for your teams, clients and company. Fun Fact: I graduated with my BA in public relations from Lasell College.


You should never stop learning and growing

Just because there are no more textbooks to purchase, doesn’t mean learning (and teaching) is over. As much as you’re there to work, it’s also a learning experience for you. Have no fear in asking questions or asking for assistance. Be the person who is actively engaged in their work duties as well as with their coworkers. These relationships are an important part of the transition from intern to colleague. Fun fact: I originally found my internship at Aria via LinkedIn so I always recommend those seeking internships to use this as a go-to source.


Prioritize work-life balance

Graduating from college also often involves a move from dorm life to a new city. Living independently and taking on new responsibilities, such as paying bills, can be expensive, time-consuming and overwhelming at times. Be sure to make time to stay connected with family and friends. Stay active in things that you enjoy and plan a budget to keep it all affordable. Fun fact: competitive Irish dancing has been part of my life for almost 16 years and it’s one of the ways I’m able to maintain a healthy, work-life balance.


I found my passion at Aria Marketing, and if you’re seeking to find the same thing, Aria is currently hiring! We are looking for Account Executives and Coordinators to join our award-winning team. To apply, please send your resume to:

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Kelsey Pearse
Author: Kelsey Pearse
Account Executive