July 18, 2018

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an Instagram account must be worth a million, right? Using my favorite mobile app as a guide, I got to know more about Aria’s two newest team members: account executive Courtney Landi and account coordinator Kahler Buckley. Here’s what I learned:


Which three emojis best describe your personality and why?


Courtney Landi (CL): I have to go with the upside down smiley face, the camera (with flash), and the blue heart. I’m generally pretty quirky (and smiley), I love photography, and I try to be caring (and let others know that I care about them often). Also, my favorite color is blue.


Kahler Buckley (KB): My top three are the sunglasses emoji, the kissing face, and the heart. I chose the sunglasses because I love to be outside in the sun whenever possible, and the kissing face and the heart because I love to show my affection toward my friends and family.


You post a drool-worthy #foodie photo. What are you eating/drinking?


CL: Cappuccino! Açaí bowls are a close second though.


KB: Right now I am obsessed with lobster rolls (both eating them, and taking photos of them)! I think Neptune Oyster in the North End has the best lobster rolls around.


It’s time to check a destination off your #wanderlust bucket list. Where are you headed and why?


CL: I’m currently going back and forth between wanting to adventure to far-off lands and wanting to explore what’s right here in the United States. So, I’m somewhere between skiing and hiking in Montana and wandering around the Greek Isles. Either way, I’ll definitely have my camera with me!


KB: I am actually traveling to Turks and Caicos with my family for my dad’s birthday next week, which is perfect because I always like to explore new beachy destinations. Bora Bora is also at the top of my bucket list.


It’s the weekend. What location are you most likely to be tagging in a post and what are your plans?


CL: On weekends you can often can find me at a restaurant called The Raven's Nest. It’s a pub in Walpole, which is the town I live in with my boyfriend and most of his family. It’s all about spending time together over some food and drinks!


KB: I’m probably tagging Newbury Street in Boston because there are tons of great places to get brunch and then go shopping.


Are there any #dogsofinstagram or #catsofinstagram in your life?


CL: My parents have an Australian Cattle Dog named Zippy. She is incredibly active and spends a lot of time hiking up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and even has her own Facebook page! I’d love to rescue either an Australian Cattle Dog or an Australian Shepherd someday.


KB: I am obsessed with French Bulldogs and would love to get one eventually!


Who is one celebrity/public figure you follow on Instagram that is related to a hobby of yours?


CL: I mostly follow travel bloggers on Instagram. My favorite is The Bucket List Family. They are a family of five (mom, dad, and three young children) traveling the world together. Their content is so beautiful and their perspectives are really inspiring.


KB: I follow Roger Federer; tennis is one of the only sports I follow, and it’s a goal of mine to go to all four Grand Slams.


It’s time for a #lifegoals post! What is one skill you’d like to learn or something you’d like to accomplish in the next five years?


CL: One thing that has been very constant in my life is writing. It has taken many forms, and I’m always trying to learn more. One of my goals is to publish a novel. It’s in the works!

KB: I would love to do some more traveling, especially in Europe.


What would we learn about you from a #ThrowbackThursday post?


CL: When I was little I was always collecting things—PEZ dispensers, souvenir pressed pennies, rocks, stuffed animals, the list goes on and on. Some of them I still have! And I still collect souvenir pressed pennies out of pure nostalgia.


KB: When I was younger I was very into figure skating, so you might so a photo of me in skates for a #tbt post.


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Blog post written by:
Lindsey Honig
Author: Lindsey Honig
Senior Account Executive