September 20, 2018

Our team continues to expand, and now it is time to introduce our three newest Aria recruits. I learned a lot about them, from their favorite ice cream flavor, to what their favorite place in the world is! Now it is my pleasure to introduce Erica Navar (Account Executive), Julia Dakhlia (Account Coordinator) and Caroline Dragonetti (Intern).


Tell me a little about yourself.


Erica Navar: I’m originally from Pomona, CA, which is approximately 40 miles east of downtown LA. I moved to Boston six years ago to attend Boston University. I currently live in Brookline with a few friends. I like to spend my time going to concerts or venturing out of the city with friends. I’m obsessed with carbs, which is largely problematic, but I fully understand that it’s what Guy Fieri expects of me.


Julia Dakhlia: I’m from Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, which is an idyllic city in the western suburbs of Paris. I grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (roll tide), returned to France for middle and high school, and came to Boston for college (go Terriers). I love Boston—second only to Berlin and Saint-Germain-en-Laye. I have a cat (Claude) who acts like a dog: he plays fetch and likes to be taken on walks. I’m also obsessed with my little sister, who means the world to me. I’m very passionate about a lot of things: the German language, teas, film, philosophy, parks, thrift stores, saag paneer (Indian dish), grammar, Love Island (a British reality show)—the list goes on. Another fun fact: I was the only Julia Dakhlia in the world until one month ago, when my cousin, the second Julia Dakhlia, was born.


Caroline Dragonetti: I am currently a student at Boston College where I am finishing my final year as an English major and Studio Art minor. Though I have spent the last four years in Boston, I am originally from Bermuda, and miss the sunny weather, pink beaches and kindhearted people. I especially miss my 10-year-old labradoodle, Maisy. When I'm not reading, writing, or painting, I love to hike and run, and am hoping to run in the Boston Marathon one day (before my knees give out). I'm also a total foodie and run my own Instagram page where I feature all of the tasty things I blow my paychecks on (@dragoneaty, shameless plug). I will try everything once, but my favorites are Korean and Indian. I’m hoping to pursue a career in PR after graduation and I'm excited to be interning at Aria and learning more about PR, Healthcare and everything in between!


Favorite ice cream flavor?


EN: Vanilla or pistachio


JD: Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone


CD: Cookie dough


Favorite movie or TV show?


EN: Movie? Inglourious Basterds. TV show? Too hard to pick.


JD: TV: Saturday Night Live, Movie: The Sound of Music, The Incredibles, Arrival, Kill Bill v.1 


CD: Stepbrothers (I modeled my senior picture off of the movie cover with my best friend, wigs and all) and Handmaid's Tale


Favorite music genre and if you could pick one musician/band to see (dead, alive, or tragically broken up) who would it be?


EN: Mostly an indie/alt/rock type of jam. I’d probably want to see Queen back when Freddie Mercury was still alive or Blink-182 before they went on hiatus in 2005.


JD: Funk. I would see Queen.


CD: Drake wakes me up, Khalid gets me to work, and the Weeknd puts me to sleep


What’s your favorite place in the world/a special place to you?


EN: Shaver Lake, CA. My family and I spent a lot of time camping there and unfortunately I don’t get to go very often anymore.


JD: Berlin. Berlin is the best place in the world—parks, art, beer, friendly people, dogs—it’s got it all.


CD: Wherever my dog is, literally.


If you could cross anything off your bucket list right now, what would it be?


EN: Hiking to Machu Picchu


JD: I would either meet Zac Posen or travel to Turkey.


CD: Skydiving for a third time


What’s your favorite season and why?


EN: Fall because of how cozy everything is. Sweaters, hot cocoa, blankets, candles, etc.


JD: Summer—I love the sunshine and the HEAT. Boston in the summer is perfection.


CD: Fall for the weather, my birthday, and discounted Halloween candy.



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Danielle Adams
Author: Danielle Adams