April 26, 2019

Each year, we look forward to the one and only event that is truly geared toward our niche (PR and marketing for the healthcare industry), the Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference (HITMC). This year, not only did Aria again sponsor and exhibit at the show, but I was selected to present alongside longtime client, Kyruus. During our session, we shared insights on how to curate and leverage data to highlight market leadership via an integrated public relations and marketing campaign. For those reading who were unable to attend our session, I included some of the highlights below.



Kyruus wanted to boost its visibility as a market leader and really solidify the category of patient access in healthcare, so we determined that one way to really cut through the noise in the market and meet this objective would be via the execution of a campaign centered on leveraging (Kyruus’) proprietary survey findings about how consumers were identifying and accessing providers.




To generate content that would both resonate with the media and provide value for health systems, the first step was to design a survey that would yield meaningful insights and data. To do that, the team worked backwards, first drafting the ideal resulting headline, and then writing the questions that would ideally support that thesis.  As outlined in this infographic, the general workflow we followed was:


   1.  Determined the project objectives and goals

   2.  Drafted our ideal headline(s)

   3.  Determine the survey design and methodology (note: Kyruus partnered with a

        research firm to assist with this phase and the execution of the survey)

   4.  Developed survey questions, sourcing input from multiple stakeholders at Kyruus and

         at Aria

   5.  Issued the survey

   6.  Collected and assessed the survey results

   7.  Designed and executed an integrated PR and marketing strategy which included:

             a.  Press release

             b.  Embargo pitching strategy

             c.  Targeted media relations

             d.  Webinars

             e.  Marketing collateral

             f.   Social media

   8.  Repeated the process the next year for maximum impact



As a result of this data-driven, integrated PR and marketing strategy, insights from this survey received attention across all audiences. On the PR front, we secured three waves of media coverage:  immediate, day-of coverage garnered from the press release; a wave of in-depth thought leadership oriented coverage in a dozen top-tier healthcare trades, such as Modern Healthcare and Becker’s Hospital Review; and a third wave of coverage where specific data points were leveraged from the Kryuus report to support staff-written feature articles and news in a wide range of publications.


On the sales and marketing front, Kyruus saw net new qualified marketing lead volumes exceed established goals, with continued traction in the 12 months following the release of the report and more than 700 downloads of the report.


Together we were able to create a valuable industry resource that continues to be utilized and referenced by the healthcare trades and business press across the country. This strategy was in fact so successful that Kyruus has replicated the strategy three separate times since the initial survey was issued. 

If you are interested in receiving the full presentation that I led at HITMC with Kyruus, please reach out to me at jcohen@ariamarketing.com and I would be happy to share the deck. Also, if you are interested in pursuing a similar PR strategy, look no further than Aria!  

Blog post written by:
Jessica Cohen
Author: Jessica Cohen
Executive Vice President