August 15, 2019

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages. When it comes to professional environments, this is particularly true in the field of public relations. (At least we at Aria like to think so). PR pros have options when it comes to choosing their places of work, such as in-house vs. agency. For those pros that choose agency life, the next consideration is company size, which can range from a one-person shop to several thousand people working across the globe.


In Aria’s 20 years of business, one thing has remained a constant: we’re small yet mighty. Here are three reasons why PR pros should consider joining a boutique firm:


1. You wear many hats

 According to a McGraw-Hill Education survey, only 40% of college students report they feel very or extremely prepared for their future careers. However, many public relations professionals can confirm that a significant amount of skills and experience are picked up outside the classroom. Working at a small agency is arguably the best way to learn the ropes. Being a part of multiple teams means there are always different tasks that need to be fulfilled. As a result, newbies at boutique agencies will find plenty of opportunities to hone a whole host of PR skills, from social media content creation to media relations.

Senior staff likewise benefit from agency life, no matter the size of the organization. Managing several accounts means that priorities vary daily. For every necessary yet unenjoyable task, there will always be another exciting project requiring creativity and strategic thinking. It may sound clichéd, but no two days are alike.


2. You gain specialized experience

In addition to learning the ins and outs of public relations as a craft, boutique agencies provide an opportunity to gain the deep expertise in a particular field that clients seek and value. On a granular level, focusing in on one industry (like we do at Aria) allows the PR practitioner to really immerse themselves in the media landscape and gain deep understanding of the relevant reporters and their beats. This helps a PR pro to build relationships with key outlets, journalists and influencers.

I hesitate to say that all we do at Aria is healthcare communications, because anyone who has navigated the U.S. healthcare system (i.e., pretty much every American!) can tell you that it is an incredibly complex industry. There’s an entire alphabet soup to digest (PBM, MIPS, HIMSS, I could go on), regulations abound, and every day brings a new merger or acquisition. However, engaging with the industry every day and really digging into the details makes this work not only doable, but also intellectually stimulating. There are several reasons Aria consistently delivers impactful results for our clients, and an unmatched passion for healthcare is certainly among the top.


3. You are more than a number

According to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workforce Learning Report, 94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it helped them further develop their skills. At a small agency, this type of investment is crucial not only to the employee, but vital to the company which thrives based on employee retention.

At Aria, continuing education is baked into our company culture. We regularly engage in discussions about healthcare, whether casually around the office or in all-company lunch-and-learns. Aria staff members are encouraged to find opportunities to attend offsite seminars and conferences to acquire new skills. (Aria veterans are even eligible for paid travel across the U.S. for these types of events). Beyond hard skills, PR chops, and industry expertise, we also place a premium on fun activities, staff bonding, and employee wellness. Because Aria is a boutique firm, everyone’s voice is valued, no suggestion goes unconsidered, and both small and big wins are celebrated.


On the whole, working at a small PR agency means that each individual is seen and heard and becomes an invaluable asset who can help shape the company as it grows and evolves. Take Aria, for example. Our leadership team and long-time employees have more than 50 combined years of tenure at the agency. There’s nothing small about that!


If Aria sounds like the type of boutique agency you see yourself at, good news – we’re hiring! Send your resume to Danielle Johns at to apply.

Blog post written by:
Lindsey Honig
Author: Lindsey Honig
Senior Account Executive