October 10, 2019

Most people know that October marks breast cancer awareness month, though for all too many of us, breast cancer is something we are aware of year round. Whether we are battling the disease, supporting a family member who is, or taking steps to ensure proper screening, we are inundated with reminders that the risk of breast cancer is very real.


At Aria, while most of our clients focus on the B2B side of healthcare, this year, we are fortunate to be representing and executing a strategic PR campaign for a company that, via its corporate citizenship, is actively helping both women and men take a more proactive role in managing their breast health. 


Throughout October, our client Life Image is offering consumers access to its Mammosphere breast data management app for free. Mammosphere allows women to electronically request their breast images from doctors, store them on a secure and HIPAA-compliant platform, and share them with the care team members and specialists of their choosing.


In order to get the word out about this transformational app, our team conceptualized and is now in the process of executing a multifaceted campaign, leveraging a mix of proactive and reactive media relations tactics, a news strategy, social media and even lobbying tactics. We have already seen some great results across the board, and expect continued interest from media and influencers alike. More than that, the team here is grateful to be involved in this important initiative and help do its part in getting the word out about critical breast cancer topics such as the importance of prior images and understanding your rights when it comes to medical record/ data access.


Make sure to check out our October highlights blog post a month from now to see some of our Mammosphere coverage and in the meantime, set up your free Mammosphere account at:  https://go.lifeimage.com/my-data-my-rights.

Blog post written by:
Jessica Cohen
Author: Jessica Cohen
Executive Vice President