November 14, 2019

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, gratitude is on all our minds. One thing the Aria team is thankful for this year is our newest Account Coordinator, Devyn Andrews, who joined the team in October. In order to get to know Devyn, I sat down with her to learn about her hobbies, passions, and her experience in the healthcare industry. Read on to learn more!


KM: Give us your elevator pitch. Where are you from? Where did you go to school?

DA: I’m originally from Sacramento, CA but have been in Boston since 2012. I went to Tufts University for undergrad, where I majored in English (concentrating in Poetry… very employable) and Community Health. I worked at Boston Children’s Hospital as a pulmonary technician after graduating while I slowly chipped away at my Master’s degree in Public Health at Tufts School of Medicine. During my Master’s program I focused on Health Communications, and I’m excited to use my patient-facing background plus the healthcare knowledge I’ve accumulated in a communications capacity here at Aria.


KM: What are your hobbies?

DA: In my spare time I love going to local shows, listening to music (I’m working my way through Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of all-time list), rock climbing and hiking.


KM: Of the four seasons, which is your favorite and why?

DA: Fall, because I can basically live in my patented “Docs & Socks” uniform (Dr. Marten’s boots and obnoxiously patterned socks, for anyone unfamiliar). I also went camping in Vermont this year during the peak fall colors, and it was amazing. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, and I love being inside cooking and drinking warm beverages when it’s cold outside.


KM: What would you name your boat if you had one? What would it look like?

DA: I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone to ask me this. It would be an ostentatious yacht and its name “Does This Make My Boat Look Big?” would be painted across the back.


KM: If you had to eat one thing for every meal going forward, what would you eat?

DA: As long as it wouldn’t royally affect my health, I would go with a charcuterie board. With the fancy $40 Whole Foods cheese and maybe some grapes to get some nutrients in.


KM: If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoes, whose would they be and why?

DA: Quite literally, I would love to try on Lady Gaga’s meat shoes from the 2010 MTV Awards (provided they have been refrigerated). More idiomatically, I would love to switch lives for a day with Christina Koch, a NASA astronaut currently in space.


KM: What's one thing about you that surprises people?

DA: I lived in Madagascar for six months during undergrad! I did hold a lemur, but the people I met there were far cooler than the animal. My nine-year-old host sister taught me how to catch fish with your bare hands and pluck and butcher a chicken—she’s awesome.


KM: What’s one goal you have for 2020?

DA: I really want to take a woodworking class. I’ve taken some classes at SMFA and MassArt over the years, but didn’t have much time during my Master’s program. I’ve done a lot of painting and drawing, but I would love to take it to 3D next.


At Aria we are always looking to add more stars like Devyn to our team. If you or someone you know is interested in joining our PR agency this spring 2020 as a healthcare public relations intern, please contact Senior Account Executive Lindsey Honig at


Blog post written by:
Kara McCrudden
Author: Kara McCrudden
Account Director