March 17, 2020

It has been a crazy few weeks, to say the least. Every day we here at Aria try to acclimate to the new normal, whether that means quickly working to schedule virtual media and analyst briefings for our clients in the wake of the HIMSS20 cancellation, or trying to figure out how to stay productive amid a global pandemic. As a marketing and public relations firm, we are lucky that most of our work can be done virtually, which is crucial since our healthcare IT clients are going to be relying on us even more now. Conference cancelations limit the opportunities our clients have to share their thought leadership and engage in industry dialogue, so they are looking to our agency to help them find alternative channels and outlets to do so.


But, even as we double-down on client work, we remain focused on our own company and the well-being of our employees. We have upped our office cleaning regimen and put a hold on work travel and face-to-face meetings. We have expanded our work-from-home options and offered assistance to those hoping to avoid public transportation. Yet, even as we continue to take precautions at Aria, the virus has continued to spread throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and our Governor declared a state of emergency. We don’t yet know what this will mean for our company, but I’d imagine home quarantines could be on the horizon.


An impending quarantine certainly sounds bleak, but I am trying to see the upside, which as far as I can tell, is an excuse for some mindless TV binging. So, I asked some of my colleagues for their input and they shared their thoughts on the bingiest offerings to help get us all through this pandemic a little more comfortably:


  • “My typical go-to (when I actually have time to watch tv) is a documentary (the more intense, the better), which is why I was surprised by how quickly I was sucked into my pick for most bingeable show: Love is Blind. This Netflix reality series tries to answer the question that none of us were really asking: can you truly fall in love with someone without actually seeing them? And, what happens to that love when you finally come face-to-face? It’s an interesting premise that is sure to suck you in.”
  • “For the Love is Blind fans, check out Love Island (streaming on Hulu)! It’s a UK-based dating show where singles have to “couple up” to stay in the luxury island villa in hopes of finding love – and winning £50,000 . The show has many twists and turns, from new members entering the villa to test the couples (hello Casa Amor!), to public votes to dump the least popular couples from the island, it has something for everyone. It also airs six-days-a-week so there are a ton of episodes to stream, but you’ll binge them so quickly you won’t even realize it.”
  • “I am a sci-fi/fantasy guy, so my faves fall into those categories: The Witcher (Netflix); Carnival Row (Amazon Prime); and Westworld (HBO) in prep for new season. In general, HBO series are always a great binge. Some favorites include Deadwood, Band of Brothers, The Wire, Treme and Watchmen.”
  • “I would be remiss not to plug Westworld (Season 1 specifically); if anyone hasn’t seen it yet, this is required television. The show completely changed my perception of life and emotions and what it means to exist. It’s an invigorating, brilliantly constructed, and perfectly complex (but headache-free) ride from start to finish. I also implore you not to watch Season 2 – a disjointed, flavorless mess and the reason I cancelled my appointment for a Westworld tattoo. Of course, I’m waiting with bated breath for a compelling refresh with Season 3, launching on 3/15.”
  • “Survivor is a perfect show to binge when you’re under quarantine because what could be more relatable than a bunch of people who are stuck in one place for over a month? What I love most about Survivor is that it shows different facets of people. Some contestants are amazing athletes and dominate the physical challenges. Others are incredibly adept at navigating social situations and use their likability to make alliances or persuasive skills to sway the vote. No two seasons are alike because the dynamics change with each new contestant, and with 40 seasons total, you have plenty of content to get through. Plus, is there a better reality TV host than Jeff Probst?”
  • “I tend to gravitate toward shows that are light and funny because watching TV is a time for me to unwind – so mindless TV is definitely my preference (sitcoms, reality TV, etc.). Lately I have been binge-watching Hot Ones, which is actually a show on YouTube. The host asks his celebrity guests (like John Mayer, the Jonas Brothers and Chrissy Teigen) questions while they attempt to eat chicken wings coated in SUPER spicy hot sauce. Highly recommend…”

Typically, we end these blogs by asking folks to follow Aria on Twitter or Facebook, but I think a more important call to action at this time would be to recommend following the CDC @CDCgov for all the latest info on #COVID19.

Blog post written by:
Ross Homer
Author: Ross Homer
Senior Vice President