March 12, 2021

The East Coast has endured a long, cold winter, and being locked inside due to COVID-19 has not helped. Holiday parties were virtual, travel plans were canceled and life as we knew it was put on hold. While we’ve been cut off from most in-person human contact, the Aria team has had to put its public relations brains to work and get creative with how to endure the winter here in Boston.


Thankfully, Aria has always been a PR agency that shares innovative ideas and suggestions, not just about healthcare IT but also wellness tips, restaurant recommendations and new reads. In an effort to bond and provide the team with some artistic and physical outlets, Aria recently launched a few virtual clubs focused on books, podcasts and workouts. I wanted to know what is keeping the Aria team busy outside of Aria-sponsored activities and what everyone is looking forward to in the warmer months ahead so I surveyed the team:


To stay sane, I have been making sure I take time for myself to exercise every day—either by doing an at-home workout or going for a long walk. In the spring, I am looking forward to the warm weather (as I am sure everyone is) and being able to enjoy time outside. I am especially looking forward to sunset being later so I can take my dog for a long walk after work. – Kara McCrudden, Senior Account Executive


Even though I have experienced four New England winters so far, it hasn’t gotten any easier. I literally stay sane with vitamin D and a light box—but starting off my day with yoga or journaling definitely helps, too. I cannot wait to be able to feel the sun again! I am going to have so many picnics just so I can be outside and enjoy flowers, birds and nature. – Maddi Larsen, Account Coordinator


I am so happy we cut the cord on cable before the pandemic because streaming TV has gotten me through the winter months of the pandemic. As the weather warms up, I’m excited to get back to biking around town, which is how I keep my sanity through the warmer months of the pandemic. – Ross Homer, Senior Vice President


I feel like a broken record here, but cooking has been the highlight of my pandemic winter. To me, there is nothing better than getting a pot of Bolognese going on a snowy morning and letting it simmer all day. Also, wine helps! This spring I am looking forward to two things: sun and travel! Bring on the vaccine and send me to Miami! – Jessica Cohen, Executive Vice President


Working from home has allowed me to escape Greater Boston for the cold, dreadful winter months and move back home to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. My weekends (and some weeknights after work!) consist of snowboarding until the lifts close and given that the sport comes naturally with masks and social distancing, it provides a sense of normalcy. When I’m not taking laps at the mountain, I’ve been staying busy with a newfound passion of home brewing the next best craft beer! Hopefully my Aria colleagues will approve of the final product at an in-person company happy hour sooner rather than later! Until then, I’m content with being a full-time PR pro and part-time “ski bum.” – Sean Chase, Account Coordinator


To stay sane during the winter months, I have tried to limit my screen time by doing activities such as working on a puzzle or reading a good book instead of watching TV after work. In the spring, I am looking forward to (hopefully) getting vaccinated (or being closer to getting vaccinated) so I can plan a trip and begin to travel again. It will also be nice to have warmer weather to spend more time outdoors and to support local restaurants by participating in outdoor dining. – Kahler Buckley, Account Executive


Between working from home and virtual social interactions, I’ve spent so much time online over the past year and have realized the importance of screen-free time. During the winter, I tried to keep myself busy with offline hobbies like jigsaw puzzles and arts and crafts. While I’ll continue to do that in the spring, I’m definitely ready for all of the outdoor activities that come with warm weather. It always makes me happy when the flowers start blooming, and I’m looking forward to getting outside and exploring with my camera. Not to mention the fact that it’s easier to do socially distant activities when it’s warm out! – Emily Wisner, Account Coordinator


As for myself, even though I’ve been in Boston for eight years now, this winter still caught me off guard. Not being able to see friends and family has made this year extra difficult, but I’ve been FaceTiming people more and going on socially distanced walks with friends just to get some social interaction. I can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can stop bracing myself every time I step outside. Once spring and summer hit, I’m looking forward going on more runs and taking longer walks to re-explore the city I’ve lived in for so long.


It’s been a full year of the pandemic and the Aria team is still finding ways to make the time pass just a little easier. While a Zoom happy hour may sometimes do the trick, we’re always glad to share new and exciting ways to connect and bring some joy into the long lockdown.


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Erica Navar
Author: Erica Navar
Account Executive