July 15, 2021

Despite the pandemic, Aria has realized steady growth in terms of adding new healthcare clients to its portfolio and making several new hires. Account Executive Casey Bennett joined Aria’s public relations team in March, and I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Casey to learn a bit more about her.


Emily: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from?

Casey: I was born and raised in Rhode Island, and absolutely love it there. I also went to the University of Rhode Island where off-campus housing was right by Narragansett beach—probably one of my favorite areas in the state!


Emily: What are some of your hobbies?

Casey: Some of my hobbies include skiing, running, and doing just about anything active outside. I also host a pop-culture/reality TV podcast called Girls These Days!


Emily: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Casey: When I was little I always wanted to be a preschool teacher because my parents were both teachers. Freshman year of college I was an early education major and quickly realized that it wasn’t for me. I then switched to communications and media and loved it, and I’m grateful to be following that passion at Aria!


Emily: What’s your favorite book and why?

Casey: My favorite book is Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan (the book is actually better than the movie)! Reading it makes you feel like you’re traveling when you’re really just sitting at home.


Emily: Do you have any favorite accounts on social media you think everyone should follow?

Casey: If you are into pop culture and reality TV then I recommend following the E! News Instagram account to stay on top of all things happening in that space. I get a lot of my pop culture news just from scrolling Instagram and reading articles/blogs.


Emily: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

Casey: The Bachelor! It truly is one of those shows where I will attempt to just watch one episode and then I get locked into the season. I’ve been watching for years and still look forward to every single season.


Emily: Where’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel but haven’t yet?

Casey: I have always wanted to go skiing out west. I am hoping to take a trip to Aspen sometime in the near future!


Emily: What’s your favorite way to spend a day off from work?

Casey: My favorite way to spend a day off would be sleeping in and then taking my dog for a run on the beach. A relaxing day off is a good day!


Casey has been fortunate enough to enjoy plenty of time off recently thanks to Aria’s summer Fridays! Want to work alongside me and Casey? We’re looking for a Senior Account Executive to join our growing team. If you’re interested in healthcare and public relations, send your resume and cover letter to jcohen@ariamarketing.com.

Blog post written by:
Emily Wisner
Author: Emily Wisner
Account Executive