March 3, 2016

It was during college that I first became interested in the public relations field, so I decided to major in PR. I took all of the required courses and four years later at graduation, I “strutted my stuff” across the stage and assumed I would have a PR job lined up within a matter of weeks. However, a year and a half and multiple interviews later, I found myself still without a PR job. I was told time and time again that I lacked ‘real world’ experience as I never held a PR internship during college, so I began looking for the right PR internship, willing to put in my time and get more experience in order to one day fulfill my dream of working at a PR agency. Soon thereafter, I discovered Aria was looking for a full-time intern so I reached out, interviewed, and got the job!


From day one at Aria, I have been exposed to all the aspects of public relations: I’ve learned to draft compelling pitches, assemble client monthly reports and communicate with reporters—and those are just some of the highlights!


It is hard to describe a “typical” day here at Aria, as each day is different, which is what makes it so exciting! Every day something new comes up that I get to partner with one of my intelligent team members on. The Aria account executives are always willing to let me work on new projects and are great about providing me with thorough feedback so that I can continuously improve my work.


Also, did I mention that, thanks to Aria, I am almost a healthcare industry expert? I’ll be the first to admit that before joining the Aria team I did not know much about healthcare. When I started, I got to sit down with the president of the company (I bet not many people can say that) and take a “healthcare 101” class. In just four months, I have learned about everything from big data and population health, to the importance of cybersecurity. After a lot of studying, I now understand what it means when someone talks about “HIPAA compliance” or “interoperability.”


I am very grateful to have found an internship where I can apply some of the skills I learned in college while also learning a lot of new ones. Thanks to Aria I am gaining that “real world” PR experience and making some great friends along the way. Thank you for being you, Aria!


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Blog post written by:
Krysta Ferry
Author: Krysta Ferry
Account Executive