September 30, 2021

Finding fully remote work pre-global pandemic was difficult. Many companies believed the best work is done at the office with no exceptions. But as COVID-19 marched on, businesses were forced to stop and think about what would be best for their employees while also keeping their company thriving. Never having worked remotely, I had no idea what would be in store for me when I began to work at home for Aria Marketing. I was worried I wouldn’t be as successful as in my previous jobs because of this setup. Nevertheless, I have been pleasantly surprised. As it turns out, there are a lot of benefits to working without an office. Some of these, outlined below, include improved productivity, increased comfort, new ways of expanding company culture, and a better balance between work and personal life. 


Improved Productivity

You may think, how could working from home improve productivity? Wouldn’t people be more efficient in an office? I would argue the contrary. Now that I have had the ability to compare both environments, I can confidently say my productivity has increased. This comes from several factors including no more time spent traveling to/from the office. Additionally, to make that commute, I had to get ready for the day with a full outfit, hair, and makeup, lunch packed, breakfast made, etc., all before 8:00 am to get to the office by 9:00 am… and with Boston traffic? Forget it. Working from home eliminates the race against the clock. Now, I can roll out of bed, get ready quickly and go upstairs to my office. Fifteen minutes max vs. an hour+ spent on activities other than work productivity.


Increased Comfort

When employees are comfortable, it creates a positive vibe which contributes greatly to the workday and productivity. If you are comfortable, hours in the day tend to fly by. Additionally, at home, employees have access to their own kitchens, bathrooms, and workspaces. I know for me personally, being able to have access to my entire kitchen during the workday is prime. I have severe allergies, so knowing I can eat everything without double-checking or bringing my epi-pen is a wonderful luxury. Also, who doesn’t like their own personal bathroom instead of a communal one?


Getting Creative with Staff Get-Togethers and Company Culture

This pandemic has created a necessity for us to get more creative with team bonding. Since working remotely began, our team has had to plan COVID-19 friendly outings and meetings. There have been happy hours at outdoor dining venues, as well as virtual get-togethers to help strengthen company bonds. The sky is the limit when it comes to creative ideas for potential future “destination” team get-togethers. It would be so exciting (and relaxing) to have a work destination getaway at, say, a resort by a beach (hey, a girl can dream!).


Balance Between Work and Personal Life

Lastly, the work-life balance while working remotely at Aria is better than I have ever experienced. Putting in 8+ hours a day in the same location where you live, sleep, socialize etc., can get tiresome. It’s so reinvigorating to be able to take a quick 30-minute break when the need arises, while managing my own flexible schedule so that no deadline or meeting is missed. These breaks are usually a fast errand, household chores, taking a walk, doing some yoga, or even just listening to some music. These small breaks can make a huge impact on the rest of the workday and help me be more productive overall.


Additionally, for those of us who live with pets, friends, or family, seeing them on a regular basis is such a benefit to working remotely. Pre-pandemic, we had to schedule in time for socializing with our friends after work or on weekends. But now, if you’re all working remotely, you can check in with your friends or family throughout the day by just walking into another room or floor. More contact with these members of our personal life strengthens our relationships and creates a healthy balance between work and play during the day.


The benefits of working remotely are wonderful, however the circumstances of how we got here are not. I wonder if we will ever get back to what we used to consider ‘normal’ again? Will we flourish within a traditional brick and mortar office once again, or will we become so accustomed to this remote model that we’ll never go back? Time will tell.


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Blog post written by:
Marni Illman
Author: Marni Illman
Account Executive