January 20, 2022

Welcoming in a new year is an excellent time to think about what went well, what didn't, and what we can do to improve the next 12 months. Similarly to how we strategize to be more impactful with our healthcare IT work, we use the new year to strategize and come up with new ways to maximize our own health and wellness. A few years ago, we had the idea to close our offices the week between Christmas and New Year’s; a perk for which we are all still very grateful.


Despite having a nice long break from work, it seems like COVID had plans to wreck our holidays for the second year in a row. Most of our staff said they spent the week hiding from the virus while trying to spend time with family. A few brave souls ventured out to weddings or on a trip Mexico while others went home to California and Michigan, but most of the time was spent playing board games, watching TV, cooking, and rescheduling plans wrecked by omicron.


During my vacation, I had the misfortune of getting two flat tires on two different cars in one day. What are the odds? An ordinarily 25-minute drive home turned into an hour-and-a-half odyssey. I couldn’t help but draw similarities to the pandemic – we thought we’d be out of the woods by now, but we still find ourselves quarantining, COVID testing, and waiting. We are fatigued; we need something to look forward to. Speaking of looking forward, I virtually sat down with some of our staff to hear their 2022 resolutions:


  • Karina, Senior Account Executive: My resolutions are to do more cardio, cook more, and spend less time looking at social media.


  • Casey Bennett, Account Executive: I am hoping to travel more and am hoping for a ski trip and a potential trip to Montana. The past few years, I haven’t gotten a chance to venture out due to COVID.


  • Kara McCrudden, Account Director: I’d like to prioritize my health this year by eating well, exercising, and avoiding COVID at all costs. I’m also hoping to take a trip to Arizona in the fall, but that will depend on how the pandemic shakes out.


  • Maddi Larsen, Account Coordinator: I like to choose a word to support the upcoming year, and my word for 2022 is “nourish.” I hope to nourish myself and the relationships I have so that they can grow in a healthy and incredible way.


  • Jessica Cohen, Executive Vice President: I’m looking forward to more travel and fewer PCR tests! I’m hoping for a healthy, adventurous, and prosperous new year!


  • Marni Illman, Account Coordinator: I’m trying to be more organized in 2022 in both my work and personal lives. I also want to incorporate more movement into my day-to-day!


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Blog post written by:
Jennifer Brooks
Author: Jennifer Brooks
Senior Account Executive