July 25, 2018

Here at Aria we have a number of #workperks that keep us motivated, on task and well nourished (so many snacks!). One of my personal favorites has to do with Aria’s location. Aria is housed within a converted mill building just steps away from entrances to the Newton Conservators walking trails. These trails wind along the Charles River and provide a beautiful, relaxing space for a mid-day break. Curious as to what else Aria offers? Well, there is too much to fit into one blog post, but check out some Aria team favorites below!


  • Aria maintains a work anniversary program which offers a new perk each year in celebration of team members’ continuing dedication to Aria. On her first anniversary, account coordinator Serena Bronda received a new iPad Air (including keyboard and case). “In my leisure time I love to travel. The iPad Air has become my perfect traveling companion. Not only does it easily fit into my suitcase, it also performs most tasks as well as, or even better, than my laptop!”
  • Wednesdays at Aria mean team breakfast! Each week, a different team member brings a special treat for everyone to share, whether home-cooked, or from their favorite bakery/café. This perk is a personal favorite of account executive Kara McCrudden. “Wednesday breakfast is always a fun, delicious way to help everyone get through hump day!”
  • Each year, Aria team members can choose to donate up to two of their vacation days, at $100 dollars per day, to the charity of our choice. In June, senior account executive Antonia Rutter participated in the Lung Force Walk in Providence, RI for the American Lung Association. “This program has been close to my heart for several years now, and it was great to be able to contribute $200 right off the bat to our fundraising efforts.”
  • After four years at Aria, team members have the option to work at home on Fridays. This perk is a favorite of vice president Ross Homer. “I don’t think I realized just how awesome this would be in terms of not needing to commute, getting a jump on the weekend laundry, and being able to work all day in my pajamas!”
  • Here at Aria, we certainly love our furry friends. What’s even better is that the Aria office is pet-friendly! Account coordinator Kelsey Pearse says this perk has to be her favorite. “I don’t have any pets of my own, but I love when other team members bring their lovable companions into the office. It really brightens up our day to get some cuddles in between monitoring for coverage and taking notes during client calls.”
  • HAPPY HOUR! Every month a different pair of Aria staffers hosts a themed happy hour. It’s evolved into somewhat of a competition, so each month the theme, décor, and food and drink get a little more elaborate and creative. Senior account executive Ashley Owen claims this ritual as her favorite Aria work perk. “Not only is planning the happy hour a blast, but taking time each month to come together with colleagues and chat about everything from work to weekend plans helps with team-building and maintaining our special office culture.”
  • Did we mention that Aria work anniversary perks accumulate year over year? Senior account executive Danielle Johns has accrued a number of benefits over the past few years including, monthly paid cell phone service and gym membership! As a fitness-conscious person, the gym membership perk is one of Danielle’s all-time favorites. “Not only does Aria cover my gym membership as part of our anniversary program, but our office building offers its own private gym as well. I have no good excuses to not workout anymore!”
  • The Fooda cafeteria located within the nearby office park hosts rotating restaurant pop-ups and is a favorite of account executive Lindsey Honig. “It’s super convenient and a great way to try tons of different restaurants from all over the Boston area, which is perfect because so many of us at Aria are foodies!”
  • Beginning in July and running through the end of August, Aria team members are given alternating Fridays off. “I have to say summer Fridays are certainly the best Aria perk – and one that I take full credit for!” says executive vice president Jessica Cohen. “Years ago I actually developed a whole PowerPoint presentation to pitch the idea of implementing a summer Friday policy to the management team. I think that was about eight years ago now, and we haven’t looked back since!”
  • Aria is all about the food (see previous food-related perk favorites above!). In addition to a Fooda cafeteria nearby and team breakfast on Wednesday mornings, Aria also offers a whole host of unlimited snacks, available whenever your stomach starts growling—a favorite of account executive Risha Tyagi. “Many offices offer unlimited coffee and snacks, but what sets Aria apart is having a great variety of flavors and types. The office has virtually every kind of regular and flavored coffee, along with a cupboard of healthy and delicious snacks!”


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Courtney Landi
Author: Courtney Landi
Account Executive