May 31, 2019

Being a smaller agency with one main office means that everyone at Aria lives and works around the greater Boston area. We love our city and appreciate all it has to offer (great restaurants, killer sports teams, beautiful outdoor space, etc). So, it’s important to us to be active members in our community and find ways to give back to keep it such an amazing place.


The philanthropy committee was something I was very excited to get restarted at Aria this past year. There are so many incredible local charities and ways we can help give back, so we assembled a committee to organize and maximize our efforts as a team. We decided on running three to four philanthropic events or projects a year, and doing our best to change up the types of projects we take on each time and take into account any causes that are near and dear to Aria employees on a personal level. Since restarting the program a little over six months ago, we have conducted two very successful philanthropy campaigns.


This past November, we held our first philanthropy committee project with our local chapter of Cradles to Crayons, a program that provides disadvantaged families and children with the essential items they need to thrive. We held an office-wide clothing drive (and in true Aria fashion, turned it into a little friendly competition) and ended up collecting over 160 items for local children in need. We brought our donation with us on our volunteer day at The Giving Factory, where we created packs of clothing for children to be distributed by Cradles to Crayons.


In honor of Earth Day, this spring we worked with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and organized a volunteer morning for an environmental clean-up. We all met at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir (just a few minutes from our office) one Friday morning where a DCR coordinator set us up with trash bags, gloves, and garbage pickers, and we set out on the trail to get to work (again, in more literal Aria fashion, we made it fashion with team members showing up in outfits from Carhartt overalls to knee-high suede boots)! We split up in teams to scour the 1.5-mile loop to clear out any trash or debris we found littering the area. The Chestnut Hill Reservoir is a beautiful pocket of nature right outside our city, and our task gave us an even greater sense of appreciation for the DCR and their efforts to keep this space clean and to encourage everyone to do their part. A few of us had never been to the reservoir before and we’ve already discussed planning another clean-up visit in the next few months!


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Antonia Rutter
Author: Antonia Rutter
Senior Account Executive