August 29, 2019

When it comes to new media, we here at Aria are big fans of podcasts, and we are obviously not alone as new podcasts continue to pop up all the time. Podcasts are a great way for our healthcare IT clients to share their messages, thought leadership and provide valuable insights on timely issues. As PR practitioners, it is our job to make sure our clients are well-prepared for any and all media opportunities. In that spirit, for any of our readers who may one day participate in a podcast, see our below tips and best practices to prepare:


  • Listen to recent and relevant episodes from the podcast before the interview so you know what to expect in terms of style, format, and tone of the interviewer
  • Ask the host for the interview questions in advance, but be prepared to pivot to where the conversation goes naturally
  • This is a chance for you to engage the audience and feature your personality, so approach the interview with a friendly demeanor and be prepared to share a little bit about yourself
  • While it is always important to stay on message, be careful not to sound too scripted or stiff, as the interview should sound like a natural conversation
  • Keep the audience in mind while answering questions as you will want to tailor your answers accordingly to create the most value for the listener
  • Provide anecdotes and real-life examples to explain complicated topics and provide best practices to the audience
  • While you are speaking, keep in mind the audience is listening (versus seeing), so hand gestures such as pointing or showing a picture will not be impactful
  • Provide a call to action at the end of the interview; whether it is directing the audience to check out your company‚Äôs website, or to register for an event, giving the audience a directive will help keep them engaged with the company after the interview is over


If you are interested in growing your public relations program to incorporate more new forms of media such as podcasts, please email to find out how Aria can help.

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Kahler Buckley
Author: Kahler Buckley
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