May 4, 2017

As we mentioned in our last post, we asked our interns, Gaby and Alex, to recap their internship experience at Aria Marketing. Below is Alex’s summary of her time with us.


"As part of the Senior Internship Seminar for Communication Majors at Boston College, my internship at Aria took the place of a typical college course. I am grateful Aria was able to provide me with a meaningful experience I wouldn’t have otherwise received inside the classroom.


I was excited to join the Aria team for my first hands-on PR agency experience. I had taken a couple of PR courses in school, but it was now time for me to put the concepts I had learned into action. Walking into Aria, I didn’t find a boring office full of cubicles, but a lively and open workspace filled with a vibrant group of people. Everyone was very welcoming and patient, especially as I had never had any experience with healthcare PR. To be honest, I really didn’t even know how my own health insurance plan worked. My supervisors were always open to answering any questions, and providing me with great feedback on assignments to help me improve.


As an Aria intern, I got the chance to work on four different client accounts. My tasks varied depending on the clients’ specific needs, and included creating social media content, monitoring for client or competitor coverage, assisting with client speaking opportunities, and researching health industry news. And, between all the research and learning, I was never without yummy food to munch on or frequent visits from the office’s canine friends.


My time at Aria has been both fun and educational. I learned a lot about health IT as well as the healthcare industry in general – knowledge that will come in handy even after my internship ends (as I will proudly understand what people are talking about when they mention MIPS, MACRA, or QPP).  Even though my time here will soon be done, I will be leaving with a completely new professional skillset. As I prepare for the scary reality that is graduation, I’d like to thank Aria for easing this transition and giving me a little taste of the real world (and lots of Green Mountain blueberry coffee).”


Thank you to both of our interns for their hard work and dedication. Interested in becoming in an intern at Aria Marketing? Reach out to Katie Schur for more information –

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Ross Homer
Author: Ross Homer
Senior Vice President