May 21, 2020

As we’ve entered week 10 of social distancing here in Massachusetts, all eyes are on strategies for resuming activities without compromising safety. Working at a healthcare-focused PR agency like Aria during the COVID-19 pandemic has given us insight not only on the acute effects of the crisis, but on the wider-reaching consequences the virus has on the industry. With quarantine and stay-at-home orders in place, people have missed routine and non-emergent medical appointments, forgoing care that they might have sought in a more normal circumstance.


Our client Kyruus specializes in patient access strategies and provider data technology, and recently shared a blog post with helpful tips for health systems to consider as COVID-19 subsides. Leveraging data from its consumer search and scheduling platform, Kyruus uncovered some interesting trends that it elaborates on in this blog post including:


  • “COVID-19” and “coronavirus” consumer searches peaked in March, but have remained persistent
  • Consumers have continued to search for care related to chronic conditions including diabetes, pregnancy, and mental health
  • Demand continues to rise for routine check-ups like gynecological exams and cardiovascular care


Looking towards the “new normal,” people will need to resume accessing care for chronic conditions and routine appointments, not just for coronavirus. Read Kyruus’ post here to see some of its tips for health systems looking to engage and retain patients through options like online scheduling and telehealth.


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Blog post written by:
Devyn Andrews
Author: Devyn Andrews
Account Coordinator