October 1, 2020

Social distancing orders have forced companies to work remotely and re-evaluate the way they do business. The world of media relations is no different, with many reporters now primarily conducting interviews via phone or video (Zoom, Skype, etc.). The Aria team has been working with clients to prepare them for successful remote interviews over the past few months, so we wanted to share some tips for nailing the virtual video interview.


Tip #1: Prepare the set-up in advance

  • Find a quiet, well lit, visually neutral room with a simple backdrop to use as your setting for the video recording
  • Double check that the computer is not muted and the audio and video are working prior to the call to get ahead of any technical difficulties
  • Use a headset (if available) to ensure a strong connection and high sound quality
  • Avoid sitting with a window and/or light source in the background


Tip #2: Be mindful of your appearance

  • Always be aware of facial and bodily movements (avoid hand gestures, rocking back and forth, etc.)
  • While answering questions, keep eye contact with the camera, rather than video of the reporter on the screen, and maintain a pleasant disposition
  • Stay away from busy patterns, such as a small checkerboard, on shirts or ties as the prints can seem overwhelming on camera
  • You can decide if you would prefer to sit or stand, but either way ensure the camera is at eye level


Tip #3: Know what to say

  • Review all briefing materials in advance and have some talking points in mind that you want to mention during the discussion (a PR agency or in-house council can provide the resources needed to ensure you are well prepared for media opportunities)
  • Remember nothing you say is “off on the record,” so do not make any statements you wouldn’t want to appear in a video or print
  • Practice! Confidence is key in a video interview so make sure you have a good handle on the subject matter and feel comfortable answering the reporter’s questions
  • Be sure all responses are clear, concise, and in compelling soundbites
  • If you have notes on hand, make sure they are hidden and easy to quickly scan if needed (bullet points are recommended)


Successful Video Interview Examples

Check out these opportunities we secured for clients to see examples of successful video interviews:



To support our media relations efforts, Aria is hiring! We are looking for an Account Coordinator and an Account Executive to join our team, so if you are interested in applying email your resume to Danielle Johns at djohns@ariamarketing.com.

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Kara McCrudden
Author: Kara McCrudden
Account Director