November 11, 2021

 While Aria has been somewhat remote since March 2020, we have now transitioned to become a fully remote company! Recently, we touched on some of the benefits of remote work, but another huge benefit is that we can now welcome employees who reside outside the Greater Boston area. One of our first out-of-staters is our new Senior Account Executive, Jennifer Brooks, who resides full-time in Florida with her husband, and dog, Dixie. I had the pleasure of virtually sitting down with Jennifer to learn a bit more about her.

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October 28, 2021

In-person events are slowly but surely returning after a year filled with fully virtual healthcare IT conferences. Several of our clients and Aria team members attended the HLTH Conference last week in Boston, which was a hybrid event with both in-person and virtual sessions. HLTH brought together senior healthcare leaders to discuss solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing problems over four days of networking and educational sessions for payers, providers, employers, investors, startups, life sciences, and policymakers.

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October 13, 2021

A busier than normal summer (thanks HIMSS21!) has given way to an even busier fall as the Aria Marketing team continues to churn out top-notch results for our clients. With so many great pieces of secured coverage, it’s always hard to single out just a few from an entire quarter, but that doesn’t mean we’re not willing to give it a shot! Read on for some of our favorite highlights from this past quarter:

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September 30, 2021

Finding fully remote work pre-global pandemic was difficult. Many companies believed the best work is done at the office with no exceptions. But as COVID-19 marched on, businesses were forced to stop and think about what would be best for their employees while also keeping their company thriving. Never having worked remotely, I had no idea what would be in store for me when I began to work at home for Aria Marketing. I was worried I wouldn’t be as successful as in my previous jobs because of this setup. Nevertheless, I have been pleasantly surprised. As it turns out, there are a lot of benefits to working without an office. Some of these, outlined below, include improved productivity, increased comfort, new ways of expanding company culture, and a better balance between work and personal life. 

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September 20, 2021

It is no question how much COVID-19 has reminded us just how important life sciences and drug creation can be. Moreover, the companies developing these life changing drugs need the support and technology to perform impactfully. 


Our client, Sensyne Health, is always innovating in the world of healthcare IT and medical research. Known as the ethical AI company, Sensyne gathers, curates and analyses clinical data, primarily de-identified patient records, to develop insights for drug creators and health systems in order to improve patient care and accelerate medical research.


Recently, Sensyne launched its new patient data analytics platform, SENSIGHT, which democratizes key aspects of life sciences research by providing access to a massive data set across a range of different disease areas. One of our first approaches to this launch included identifying the parts of SENSIGHT that would be most interesting to Sensyne’s target audiences. We wanted to share the ways the database will elevate access to de-identified data insights for clinicians and drugmakers, helping them to make drugs to benefit people like you and me. Below are the components of SENSIGHT we felt would be attractive for Sensyne’s key stakeholders.



  • As the ethical AI company, Sensyne understands and has pioneered the necessity of patient data privacy.
  • That is why SENSIGHT is built on a rapidly growing de-identified patient data set created from research partnerships.


Growing Dataset

  • The platform has launched with access to a 2M de-identified data set and is expected to grow to 10M by the end of the year.
  • It is not just quantity that is increasing, but the types of disease areas that will be added throughout the year within the platform.



  • Subscribers can communicate with each other using the service, which provides the space for a virtual scientific research network.
  • This network of healthcare professionals will create a community and make way for further development and innovation.


By including these messages in our pitch, we displayed how SENSIGHT can provide the insights to support the development for life-changing drug discovery, and the media seemed to agree. We were able to secure a stream of coverage in key publications like FierceBiotech and PharmaVoice.


If you or your company are interested in elevating your brand through PR, you can reach out to Scott Collins at and we can talk about how our team can help you. You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on everything Aria.

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